Yamaha YPT-240 Review

If you have a lower budget or if you are a beginner, you should look for an entry-level digital piano to suit your needs. The Yamaha YPT-240 does lack a few of the features offered by more expensive models, but for a first piano for those on a budget, it is an excellent choice. It even comes with Yamaha’s excellent Educational Suite to help you to get started with playing the piano so it could save you money when it comes to music lessons. Keep on reading this Yamaha YPT-240 review to understand if this keyboard would make a great investment for you.



Yamaha YPt-240 ReviewOne of the best features of the Yamaha YPT-240 is the connectivity choices that you’re given. If you want to plug it into a computer, you can do so using the USB connector port. This allows you to record and save your music or compositions onto a computer. If you have a program that allows you to plug in an instrument to create songs, then you can use the Yamaha YPT-240 for this. It also has a MIDI connector too so that you can hook it up to a MIDI controller. As if that wasn’t enough, this model of Yamaha digital piano allows you to interact with apps on an iPhone or iPad, bringing it up to date with the modern world.


The Yamaha YPT-240 is a slightly smaller keyboard as it only has 61 keys. Even so, 5 octaves should be enough for the learner and you can still use controls on the digital piano to change the pitch of the notes with ease. The great benefit to having only 61 keys is that this digital piano is smaller so it is much more portable than many of the other digital pianos and keyboards on the market.

Yamaha’s Education Suite

When you are learning to play the piano, it is important to have a good teacher. If you want to save some money on lessons, you can make use of Yamaha’s Education Suite, which comes free with this model of digital piano. Using the interactive software, you can learn how to play the piano properly with assistance with finding notes, playing chords, finger positioning and understanding composition. The suite allows you to slow down tracks so that you can play along with them and there are plenty of songs that you can practice with. This is a useful feature for any beginner.

Additional Features

The Yamaha YPT-240 has plenty of other great features that come with it. You can customize your playing experience with these features and they make the keyboard more than suitable for the beginner to intermediate player. With just the press of a button, you can add reverb and chorus effects to the keys on the keyboard. You can also us an inbuilt equalizer, which allows you to alter the sound output from the speakers to suit the room that you’re playing in. If you need to play in a higher or a lower register, it is easy to alter the keyboard so that it plays an octave or two higher or lower.


Power Supply

This digital piano can run on either battery or main power. This is great for portability, however unfortunately, it does not come with batteries or a power supply. Remember to either purchase this piano as a bundle or order the power supply at checkout so that you’ll be able to play it when it arrives.

Yamaha YPt-240 design

Ease of use

The Yamaha YPT-240 is simple to use and as soon as you take it out of its box, you can set it up and get playing immediately as no assembly is required. It’s also highly useful despite it’s low price tag. You can make alterations to the sound output using the easy to understand button layout and most users say that this digital piano comes with more features than they really need.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha YPT-240 Keyboard


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Highly affordable for even the lowest budgets
  • Effects such as EQ, reverb and chorus
  • Transpose feature
  • 61 keys which means a smaller keyboard for better portability
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Comes with the Yamaha Education Suite which is perfect for the beginner


  • One of the major setbacks with this beginner keyboard is that it does not come with a power source. You should remember to order separate batteries or a power supply at the same time that you order this keyboard to avoid disappointment when it arrives.



If you have a very low budget of around $100 and you’re not too bothered about being able to use your digital piano for performances, then the Yamaha YPT-240 is a great choice. Considering the low price tag, it is surprising that it has so many connectivity options so that you can record all your music onto a computer if you wish. It also comes with the Yamaha Education Suite to help you to learn to play the piano properly. As you can see from this Yamaha YPT-240 review, you can see that although it is lacking the extensive range of choices offered by far more expensive digital pianos, it’s still a good entry level keyboard, and it is a model that is preferred by beginners as its simplicity makes it easy to use.

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