Yamaha YPG-535 Review

This Yamaha digital piano is effectively a portable grand piano that comes with a matching stand and a pedal, allowing you to apply sustain effects. The keyboard features 88 keys and for that realistic piano playing field, it has graded soft touch action. You’ll learn in this Yamaha YPG-535 review that playing this piano looks and feels like you are playing a real grand piano and thanks to the high resolution some samples that are built into it, it even sounds like one too.


Who Is This Piano Suitable For?

Yamaha YPG-535 ReviewThe YPG-535 Digital piano is one that is suitable for pretty much any skill level. For example, if you are a beginner, this piano is extremely easy to use and as it comes with everything that you need, you can get using it right away. If you are a more experienced user, you’ll find that it comes with plenty of features to help you Advance your performance. The Yamaha educational suite offers you the ability to become more advanced at playing the piano and to learn new techniques.

For advanced pianists and those who require their piano for performance will be especially impressed with the high-resolution stereo sampling that comes with this piano. This advanced technology and ensures that every sound has perfect tone and pitch. The graded Touch keyboard operation means that it feels like you are playing a real piano. You will be able to apply different pressures to the keys in order to produce louder and softer sounding notes.

Power and Accessories

This can constant energy-saving Power adapter. This ensures that he is half the amount of energy that you usually would when using a standard digital piano. When you purchased this piano, you’ll receive this power adapter in addition to a few other accessories. I sustain pedal will allow you to add sustain effects to your playing, whilst matching stand hello is you to set the keyboard to a height that you are comfortable with using the keyboard.

Recording and Playback

Some users like to record their pieces. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there are plenty of benefits to being able to do this. This model of Yamaha piano makes it easy for you to record your performance. A six track record is built into the piano so that you can record up to 6 pieces of music and play them back. You can even transfer your music to the computer using standard USB ports that are located at the back of the keyboard. The LED display includes clinic, and notation displays to give you a more professional experience, whilst making using this piano as simple as possible.


Enhance Your Playing

Well standard digital pianos require you to use a music stand, this Yamaha digital piano has an advanced Display that is able to show you lyrics, chords and notation. The display is able to show you automatically annotated music on the LCD screen whether you have played it yourself, or saved it from the Internet. This is a really useful feature, as it means that you will not need to spend time setting up sheet music or worrying about the robustness of your music stand. This is a pretty cool way of writing, recording, learning and even playing music. As it is also able to display of lyrics on screen, this is advantageous to singers too. If you are accompanying at singer, they will be able to read the lyrics of your screen, or if you sing along to your own music, you will be able to do the same.

Another thing that this Yamaha digital piano is able to do is detecting the voices that are needed for your music depending on the songs that you have uploaded. This says you time in setting up the keyboard and it’s also means that you don’t have to guess the right voice to use every time. Of course, there will be times when the keyboard gets it wrong, and then it is easy to go into the menu of the keyboard and change the voice. This piano can go loud and people around you might need an ear plug if they are disturbed.

Perfect For Beginners

The YPG535 is ideal for the new piano player as it comes with plenty of useful features. First of all, it is easy to set up and use. You don’t need to worry about trying to follow any complicated instructions, as it is very straightforward. It comes with performance assist technology, which helps you to play better and you can use the educational suite that comes with it to expand your ability.

The education suite is built into this keyboard and it comes with 30 songs on the keyboard itself, with a further 70 that can be loaded on the CD-ROM that comes with it. To make it as easy as possible to learn each song, they are split into left and right hand parts so that you can learn each part separately before you put everything together and play with both hands simultaneously. The suite also takes into account the fact that everyone is at different levels of ability and as such, there are 7 different levels of difficulty for each song.

The LCD display can show you a chord dictionary so that you know what every chord is too. This is good for those who are just starting out and who need a slight prompt as they are playing.



This Yamaha product is a high quality digital piano that is suitable for most buyers. As outlined in this Yamaha YPG-535 Review, you will be able to learn to play the piano from scratch, or simply brush up on your skills thanks to the educational technology that comes with this keyboard. The high quality of the sounds is bound to impress even seasoned players whilst the simple use of this system means that you wont need to keep referring back to the user manual.

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