Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 Review

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 is a great digital piano when you want versatility and great value for money. Whilst it is more advanced than an entry-level digital piano to suit the needs of the more advanced player, there are some great teaching functions to help the new pianist to develop their technique.

You’ll find out more in this Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 review about the various features that this digital piano has to offer. Despite the extensive range of user features, the piano has been designed in such a way that the controls aren’t too complicated for the new pianist.


Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 Review

Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 Main Features

  • Design

    You’ll notice how the Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 isn’t as attractive as some other models of digital piano. It has a less exciting body layout in comparison to the other models out there, but it is still suitable for use in a variety of scenarios and despite the slightly lacking appearance, it has plenty of features and advantages to offer.

    One of the great little layout bonuses of this piano is the pitch modulation wheel. This is situated to the left of the keyboard, making it easy and convenient to operate whilst the 6-watt speakers offer a pleasing amount of sound.

    Weighing in at around 7.1 kilos, or around 15.5lb, this is a lightweight digital piano that will be easy for you to transport or store away whenever you need to.

  • Great For The Beginner

    If you are just starting out with learning the piano, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 is a good choice. You will be able to play this digital piano in a similar way to an acoustic. You can even purchase a sustain pedal if you wish so that you can add expression to your music, which is a good feature that will help you to prepare for any music examinations that you may wish to take.


  • Voices

    You’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of voices and tones when you choose the Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80. With more than 500 different voices for you to choose from, you will be able to create the exact sound that you want. 127 panel voices along with a further 361 Yamaha voices and 12 drum styles give your music the best possible flavor and style. You can also benefit from the high quality that each of the sounds is recorded in.

    The Yamaha sounds are specially generated so that they will not lose any sound quality, but instead, they take up less space in the keyboard’s memory. This also means that the polyphony of the piano can be higher as these voices do not need to take up as much of the polyphony space.

    165 preset accompaniment styles are also included and you can even add custom styles if you wish. You can use the accompaniments if you are a new musician who needs to practice playing with other instruments, or you can use the accompaniment styles to hear some suggestions about how you could really make the most of all the sounds that come with the piano.

  • Touch

    When you are playing this digital piano, you will realize that it feels luxurious to play. Despite the lightweight and portability of this digital piano, it still has high quality parts inside it and offers professional performance. The 76 keys of the keyboard offer graded and soft touch action. This means that you can apply different pressures for different volumes of notes and in addition, the soft key presses will ensure that you don’t hear the clacking noise that often sounds with cheaper keyboards.

    One of the only setbacks of this keyboard is that it does not offer the same quality of polyphony that you’d expect from higher end instruments. With only 32-note polyphony, you will notice some loss of quality with more complex pieces of music. This will deter the more advanced pianists from choosing this model, however for the new to intermediate player, it will still be perfectly adequate.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 Pros and Cons


  • Light and portable.
  • Over 500 voices to choose from.
  • You can add pedals if you wish.


  • Low 32 note polyphony doesn’t offer great quality for more advanced players.



The Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 keyboard offers new piano players the chance to purchase an affordable instrument that can help them to advance their technique and to get a feel of playing the piano. Despite the low price tag, this is still a great keyboard that is packed with great user features, including high quality voices and plenty of accompaniment styles.

This Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 review gives you a detailed description of this keyboard, with information about some of the best features. You’ll be able to enjoy all these great benefits along with many others. If you need a good keyboard that is portable and that offers you plenty of ways to make your pieces sound better, then this may be the perfect instrument for your needs.

You should remember that if you are a more advanced player, this keyboard might not be able to offer you the sound quality that you’re looking for if you want to play more complex pieces.

Other good digital pianos from this Yamaha series are Yamaha Piaggero NP11 and Yamaha NP-V60.

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