Yamaha P45b Review

The Yamaha P45b digital piano is an upgrade on the previously launched P35 model and has plenty of new features and the latest technology. Hailing form Yamaha, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality digital pianos, you can expect great quality and reliability when you choose this particular model.

The modern design gives this instrument a great look whilst the smaller size offers portability and a less bulky piano. The following Yamaha P45b review will give you an insight into some of the great features that you can expect when you choose this digital piano.


Yamaha P45b Digital Piano Design

Yamaha P45b ReviewThis digital piano is so light and portable that you will be able to take it anywhere you like. It also won’t take up too much space either as it’s relatively small, so you will be able to store it with ease and you won’t have trouble finding a surface to place it on if you don’t purchase an optional keyboard stand for it.

The single button function allows you to easily change the options that come with this piano without having to contend with complicated controls, fiddly wheels or keypads. Instead, you can spend more time playing the piano. To reset the controls to the default voice, you can simply press the Grand Piano button and this will instantly reset the piano to use its signature voice.

Graded hammer standard (GHS) weighted action keys give the player the feeling that they are playing a genuine acoustic piano. Just like with an acoustic piano, you will need to apply a little more pressure to the lower keys, and less to the higher keys. This will give you the feeling that you are playing a real piano and is a great feature for the developing pianist.


Main Features

It’s not only a great design that you’ll get when you choose the Yamaha P45b digital piano, but you will also be able to benefit from the excellent features that this model has to offer.

  1. 64 note polyphony – When you play a more complex piece of music, you will be able to use up to 64 notes at one time without losing any clarity in their sound. This is useful if you are using an optional sustain pedal or if you are using accompaniment tracks. This is not as high as some of the higher end digital pianos but is still very good for a model in this price range.
  2. Dual and split modes – If you want to play with another person, you will be able to activate dual mode. This will effectively split the keyboard in two so that each player has half of the keyboard to use and each half uses the same register of notes. Thanks to this feature, it is simple to duet with another pianist. Split mode allows you to again split the keyboard, but this time, you will be able to choose a different voice to use with each of the halves of the keyboard. This gives you the freedom to create more interesting sounds as you play.
  3. Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Technology – When you play any of the voices that come with this piano, you will notice how authentic they sound, and that is mainly down to the AWM technology used in this piano. This is digital technology that takes recordings of an authentic acoustic piano and then samples each note to include different waveforms for the left and right speaker whilst adding depth and richness to the sounds. You can then use the weighted keys to add louder and softer notes for expression and the AWM technology will ensure that each note sounds as true to form as possible.Yamaha P45b digital piano
  4. Reverb and chorus – You will be able to use the reverb and the chorus functions together if you wish and this will produce a sound that you can’t replicate with any other model in a similar price range. You can also use these effects separately if you wish.
  5. Connectivity – You will be able to connect this digital piano to your computer by using the USB to Host connection. You can also use mobile phones using the same connectivity option. There is also a MIDI and a headphone connection so that you can add other devices if you wish.

Yamaha P45b Pros and Cons


  • Advanced Wave Memory technology ensures that the voices sound authentic.
  • Reverb and chorus effects are available.
  • Plenty of connectivity options.
  • Easy to use.


  • 64-note polyphony is not as high as some other models.



The Yamaha P45b is a great digital piano for anyone who wants a portable solution that will be suitable for a range of applications. Whether you want to learn to play the piano or if you want to practice your techniques, you can do that with the Yamaha P45b. In addition, the more advanced features allow you to get even more out of this instrument, including warmer and more authentic voices and interesting features and effects.

In addition, as you have read in this Yamaha P45b review, the graded hammer standard weighted action keys will mean that you can play this digital piano just as you’d play a genuine acoustic piano.

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