Yamaha P35 Review

If you have been playing the piano for a little while now, it is likely that you are exiting the beginner stage and becoming more of an intermediate player. For many people, their first piano as a learner tends to be of low-budget and more often than not low quality too. You may have even been using a second hand piano. Now that you are committed to playing the piano however you have probably decided that now is the time to purchase a more serious instrument. For a more serious instrument a digital piano makes a great choice. And this Yamaha P35 review will show you if you should consider getting this digital piano.


Yamaha P35 Review

The problem is however and, that acoustic pianos tend to be large, not at all portable, and very expensive. Instead, you should be looking at the possibility of purchasing a digital piano. This is a much better solution and you will be able to transport it wherever you need to, storage when you want to come and still achieve high-quality and authentic sound as long as you buy the rights model. The Yamaha P35 Digital piano is a great choice.

This is an 88 key digital piano, which offers plenty of user features at an affordable price. You can expand your musical abilities with this piano without it’s becoming a financial burden.Convenient For Practising With At Home

Even if you are only going to be using this piano at home, you will find it is highly convenient to simply take this piano out from its case or storage spot whenever you want to play it. Once you have finished playing this piano, it can easily be stored away again. As long as you have a flat surface in your home, you will be able to use it with ease. Thanks to the headphone jack that comes with this piano, you can simply plug in some headphones, and you will not disturb anyone else in your home whilst you are practising.

Great For The Travelling Musician

If you would like to take this digital piano to concerts with you or even to your music teacher, you’ll be able to do so as it is highly portable. You would need to buy a case for it to keep you protected whilst you were travelling, but these are quite universal and available readily online. You can use the audio output jack to connect this piano to amplifier system or you could simply use the inbuilt speakers, as they are sufficient. This is a versatile digital keyboard that has plenty of features so that you can customise the keyboard for whatever purpose you are going to be using it for.


Advanced Wave Memory

The Yamaha P35 features are advanced wave memory technology. This is highly sought-after as it gives the user the opportunity to add a digital feature to any recorded song. By doing so, you will be able to distorts arrange or simply make the sound much richer. This is special technology that is only featured in the Yamaha Digital pianos. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Acoustic Piano Feel

Yamaha P35 featuresIf you had considered purchasing acoustic piano, you will not be disappointed with the Yamaha P35. Although technically, this is not a piano, when you activate the graded Hammer standard technology, you’ll feel as though you are playing a real acoustic piano.

The Yamaha P35 provides four levels of touch sensitivity to the 88 key keyboard. This gives the keys a “weighting” that is not dissimilar to that of an acoustic piano. Considering how cheap that this digital piano is, being able to feel as though you are playing an acoustic piano every time you use it, that is what makes this model so special.


If you are kind of musician who likes hooking up other devices to your instruments, you will just love the Yamaha P35. In the back of this digital piano, there is a midi out port. This lets you connected the Yamaha P35 to other MIDI instruments. Even if you have an existing setup, this digital piano can be added effortlessly. If you have a laptop, iPad, or smartphone, you will be able to plug the Yamaha P35 into these devices so that you can use any recording apps you may already have. You don’t have to use a specific Yamaha app, which means that if you already use one particular program, you can continue to with this instrument.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha P35 Digital Piano


  • This digital piano is highly portable and can be stored away with ease
  • 2 MIDI ports allowed you to connect this digital piano to other MIDI instruments
  • There are plenty of features to help make this piano as versatile as possible
  • The 88 weighted keys mimic the action of a real acoustic piano


  • This keyboard does not have as high a polyphony as some of the other good keyboards on the markets
  • There is no recorder built into the piano’s memory
  • There is no USB port which slightly limits connectivity options



If you want an acoustic piano, the Yamaha P35 is a great alternative. An acoustic piano isn’t really suited to modern day living, where musicians need to be plausible and flexible with our equipment. This digital piano has many great features, connectivity options and it even has weighted keys. The weighted key action is what makes this piano feel just like an acoustic piano when you’re playing it. The many additional features make it very versatile so that you can continue to use this model as you progress in your technique. We hope this Yamaha P35 review has been helpful to you in providing you the information you need to make a purchasing decision. Yamaha has got quite a few great digital pianos, including Yamaha CP4 and Yamaha P-95.

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