Yamaha P255 Review

If you have a larger budget for a digital piano, whether you’re looking for your first instrument or if you want something for your concert performances, the Yamaha P255 is a piano that you should certainly consider. It has all the features you could possibly need and more, as well as offering outstanding 256-note polyphony. The high quality speaker system and the authentic sound that this digital piano makes mean that it is perfect for any performance, whilst you can connect the piano to all your devices thanks to the vast connectivity options that it offers.


Yamaha P255 Review

Sound Quality

If you want a digital piano that will give you the clearest and most impressive tone and sound, then the Yamaha P255 is for you. This 88 key digital piano offers an amazing 256-note polyphony. This is the best quality digital piano that is available with models made for the home and travelling musician market and you can be sure that whatever you want to play, or however you want to layer voices, each note will play clearly. This is a digital piano for serious musicians who love to test their abilities and the limits of their instruments.

The P255 comes with some authentic sounding voices. You can choose a grand piano voice, and this will give you astonishing sound. Yamaha chose to sample one of their best concert grade grand pianos, giving you the richest sound possible. The recordings of every spectrum of each semitone and note were made using Yamaha’s acclaimed Pure CF Sound Engine. You can record while you are playing and listen to it at your favorite car audio.


As mentioned this digital piano comes with some amazing voices, and you can choose from 24 different instrument sounds. Amongst these voices, you can choose from the concert grand piano, vibraphone, synthesized piano and even wood bass. If you would like to listen to an example of each voice, you can use the demo tracks as each track can be played in any of the pre-programmed voices.

You can split the piano’s keyboard in two if you would like to play with a second pianist and this will allow you to choose two different voices – one for each player. The key bed will be essentially split down the middle and one voice can be assigned to one half and another voice can be assigned to the other half. You can also use dual mode and this will instead allow you to layer two different voices over one another to create a more unique sound.


Sound Effects

Yamaha P255 whiteWhen you are playing the Yamaha P255, you can use the sustain pedal that comes bundled with this instrument. Some of the other sounds allow you to make the piano sound as though you are playing it in different sized rooms.

The reverb option allows you to add some reverberation to the notes as you play them. Depending on how much reverb you choose to add, you can make it sound as though you are playing in a church, concert hall or large stage.

There is also an effects function that gives you further options including the phaser, chorus, tremolo and vibrato sounds.

If you are playing with an accompaniment or a singer who wants to use a different key than the one that you are used to playing in, you can transpose the piano to alter the pitch at which it is playing.

True Piano Feel

You can alter the touch sensitivity of the Yamaha P255 depending on how lightly or how soft you want to play the piano. It also has graded hammer weighting. This gives the feeling of playing a real acoustic piano. The 88 keys have an ivory textured finish too in order to further enhance your experience.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha P255 Digital Piano


  • 256 note polyphony to give you the best possible clarity in comparison with any other model on the market
  • All connectivity options that you could want and multiple ports for most of the connection options
  • Powerful and high quality inbuilt speakers
  • Plenty of features to make this digital piano perfect for all musicians from the beginner right up to the concert pianist


  • This is an expensive digital piano even though it does offer great value for money and it may be out of the budget of many new players
  • There is no LCD display on this digital piano which makes using it a little less simple



There are plenty of great features and details that come with this digital piano that makes it the perfect choice for most players. Whether you want to choose your very first digital piano with a view to purchasing something that will last you for a long time, or if you want that perfect concert piano, the Yamaha P255 is an instrument that is sure to impress. Plenty of voice options, special effects, and high-quality 256 note polyphony make this instrument versatile and useful whilst the graded hammer action keys and the ivory textured finish gives you the experience of feeling like you are playing a real acoustic piano.

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