Yamaha P115 Review

The Yamaha P115 is a good digital piano to check out if you’re looking for a full 88-key digital piano that can offer you high quality sound and versatility. Thanks to the various options and features that come with this digital piano, it is suitable for most pianists including the more advanced and professional musicians. It is even suitable for the beginner. Weighted keys and touch sensitivity makes it feel as though you are playing a real acoustic piano but it is far more superior to an acoustic piano thanks to the portability and user customizable features that come with it.


Yamaha P115 black

The Experience

When you are playing the Yamaha P115 digital piano, you will feel as though you are playing a real acoustic piano. That is because this model of Yamaha piano features specially weighted keys. The weighting means that you have to apply a little more pressure to the keys for the lower note registers, whilst the higher keys require much less pressure. You can also apply more or less pressure to the keys to create a louder or softer sounding note. This means that you will have all the expression that you would have with an acoustic piano. The keys also have a textured finish to enhance the experience.

Adaptive EQ

The Yamaha P115 comes with a special acoustic control feature. This is an adaptive equalizer setting that alters the tone of the keyboard depending on the volume setting. This eliminates the harsher sounding effect that most other digital pianos have when their volume controls are turned up too high. The result is a far more pleasant sound that allows you to alter the volume without worrying about it affecting your performance.

User Customizable Features

You can easily customize the sound output for this digital piano thanks to the many features that come with it. You can use the sound boost feature to make both louder and softer notes audible. When you are playing with a second person, you can activate duo mode. This splits the keyboard in two and gives each player their own middle C. You can also use multiple voices at one time when you split the keyboard or use layering to play multiple voices simultaneously. There are 14 voices in total, which doesn’t give a great deal of choice but you can change them with ease and they are of high quality. 4 different reverb options allow you to add some nice effects to the sound of your music.


Yamaha P115 Review


There is a virtual duet partner feature thanks to 10 different pianist styles so you can create some fun sounds even for solo performances. You can also play along to one of the built in songs or drum patterns.

Connectivity Options

The Yamaha P115 allows you to plug the digital piano into your iOS device. You can use a controller app with the piano to offer you recording and playback features. You can also plug the piano into a computer via the USB port to use with any music software. Disappointingly, the Yamaha P115 does not come with a MIDI port so you cant connect it to any midi controller so if you want to add to an existing MIDI setup, this may not be the best piano for your needs.

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Pros and Cons


  • The Yamaha P115 has a staggering 192 notes of polyphony making this one of the best quality digital pianos around.
  • If you’re looking for a portable option, then this may be the perfect choice as you can take it with you to lessons, rehearsals and concerts and store it away when you need to.
  • You can enjoy plenty of great features to enhance your playing experience.
  • You can enjoy powerful sound from this digital piano thanks to the four in-built speakers.


  • Unfortunately, you can’t connect this keyboard to an existing MIDI setup, as there is no MIDI port.
  • It is a little more difficult to operate this digital piano, as there is no LCD screen.
  • You can only record 1 song to this piano’s memory at a time, which limits the capabilities of this piano a little.



The Yamaha P115 is a great choice for any player. Whether you’re a beginner or a performance pianist, there are plenty of great features that will make your music sound beautiful and creative. The high polyphony and the high quality speakers ensure that the sound produced by this piano sounds as clear as possible whilst a special intelligent equalizer function can improve the sound of louder volumes. Although this piano has 88 keys, it is still highly portable and the larger keyboard gives you the benefit of being able to use it when playing with a second musician. You can split the keyboard so that an accompanist can join in. The various voices, connectivity options and special sound effects make this digital piano highly versatile and useful.

Other Yamaha digital pianos in the same price range that stand out are Yamaha CP40 and Yamaha CP4.

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