Yamaha P-95 Review

The Yamaha P-95 digital piano is a great choice for any musician. Whether you are just starting to learn to play the piano or if you are a seasoned musician, you will love the many features that it has to offer. Not only can this digital piano give you the experience of playing a real acoustic digital piano, but it can also add a touch of luxury and convenience to your playing. With its compact size and portability, it’s great for taking to gigs or lessons and when you’re not using it, you can store it away with ease. Read on this Yamaha P-95 review to find out what this digital piano offers in terms of quality and performance.


Real Piano Feel

Yamaha P-95 ReviewIf you want to enjoy an experience that will make you feel like you are playing a real acoustic piano, you will love the features that Yamaha have added to the P-95 model of digital piano. The Yamaha P95 offers graded hammer action. This means that just like with an acoustic piano, you need to apply different pressure to different notes. The notes on the keyboard that are in the lower registers need a little more pressure than the ones that have a higher pitch.

You can also alter the sensitivity of this piano depending on your preferred style of playing. The black keys on this digital piano also have a textured matte finish, giving a luxurious feel. This may not be an acoustic piano, but it’s as good as one thanks to the natural feeling response you get from the keyboard.

Portable design

When it is portability that you are concerned about when you are looking for a great digital piano, the Yamaha P-95 can be a great choice. It is not an unsightly piano by any means, so you will be able to leave it on a stand in your home without it looking unsightly against your décor if you do not wish to store it away when you are not playing it. If you do want to store it away however, this 88 key digital piano can be stored in a case on its side if you wish and it will comfortably fit into a taller cupboard. When you want to take it with you to a lesson, practice or gig, you can transport it with ease, as it is not too heavy to lift into a vehicle and will not take a long time to set up either.

High Quality Sounds

The P-95 uses Yamaha’s advanced sampling system. This special system uses digital filters to measure the amount of pressure that the user places on the keys. Depending on how hard or how softly you play the keys, the piano will intelligently play a louder or softer sound. This allows you to apply musical expressions when you are playing including crescendos, pianissimos and fortissimos.

You can choose from one of the 10 voices that come pre-loaded into this digital piano’s memory. Choose from real acoustic piano sounds, electric pianos, strings, choir and organs. All the sounds have been recorded using Yamaha’s advanced recording technology from sounds produced by Yamaha’s best sounding acoustic instruments.


Programmed Songs

Whether you want to listen to the way that a voice would sound with different kinds of music, or if you would like to play along to a track for practice, you can choose from any of the 50 loaded piano songs that come with this instrument. They are all timeless pieces of classical music that you can enjoy.

Yamaha P-95 features

Pros and Cons of Yamaha P-95 Digital Piano


  • This digital piano has 88 keys so that you can cover as much range, as you need to.
  • It offers graded hammer action and matte black keys, which means that you can have the feel of an acoustic piano whilst enjoying the convenience of a digital piano.
  • 10 high quality voices allow you to change the sound of this piano with the press of a button.
  • The layering option allows you to layer voices over one another.
  • MIDI port allows you to connect this piano to an existing MIDI controller.


  • This piano only has a low polyphony of 64, which should be sufficient for solo players, but if you want to try more advanced sound, you may lose a little clarity.
  • Lack of USB ports limits your connectivity options.



The Yamaha P-95 piano is great for most beginners and intermediate players. Whilst there are more advanced pianos on the market today, this is a great digital piano considering the low price tag. As you can see from our Yamaha P-95 review, you can enjoy high quality and plenty of useful features and this piano will be great for musicians who are practicing and who want to progress to a higher level. There are a few things missing when it comes to features offered by this piano including the lack of USB ports and the lower polyphony, but it makes up for this with the quality of sound offered by the voices and the many other features that do come with the piano. Other Yamaha digital pianos that stand out are Yamaha DGX 650, Yamaha P255 and Yamaha CP4.

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