Yamaha P-105 Review

The Yamaha P-105 is a step up from its predecessor, the P-95. If you couldn’t have thought of any improvements they could have made to their previous model, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you check out the P-105. With this latest design, Yamaha have once again outdone themselves when it comes to cramming as much technology as possible into an instrument. With a better layout and even better sound, this digital piano has a lot to shout about. Whether you want a high quality piano that you can practice on or if you want a new digital piano for the studio, this one has everything you might need.


Yamaha P-105 Review
Even Better Sound Output

If you are not planning on plugging your digital piano into a speaker or amplifier system, it will be important to you that you can choose a piano that has good inbuilt sound output. The Yamaha P-105 really delivers with this, as it is one of the only digital pianos to feature separate woofers and speakers to each side of the keyboard. Most other models of digital piano only have one speaker on each side and the quality of the output doesn’t come anywhere close to that of the Yamaha P-105. You’ll be able to enjoy a deep and rich bass sound at louder volumes without worrying about the higher pitched sounds losing their quality.

Graded Action Keys

To give you the experience of playing a real acoustic piano, the Yamaha P-105 comes with a graded hammer action feature. This means that you will need to press a little harder on the keys corresponding with notes in the lower registers whilst the keys for the higher register are much more sensitive and only require a little pressure as you play. This is the same response that a real acoustic piano has for the player. In addition to this, the Yamaha P-105 allows you to alter the sensitivity of the keys to adapt the piano to your own personal style of playing. The full 88 key keyboard ensures that you have all the range that you need to play any piece of music you like.


One of the major selling points of the Yamaha P-105 is the stunning sound of the grand piano voice. This voice has been achieved by sampling the highest quality model of Yamaha’s grand piano range, giving you the rich and clear sound of the CFIIIS concert grand piano. This voice is one of the best versions of the grand piano sound that Yamaha has ever developed.

You can choose from two separate and high quality acoustic piano sounds with this digital piano. You can also choose from several other voices including a drawbar organ voice, harps, strings and bass. There are even a few electric piano sounds available.


Additional Features

Yamaha P-105 featuresThere are several additional features that come with this piano to further enhance your experience and to make this piano as versatile as possible for the progressing musician.

If you enjoy recording your own music, you can use the on board midi recorder. Although space is limited on the piano itself, you can plug it into a computer using the USB port so that you can record every one of your tracks in MIDI format on your computer. A stereo out port allows you to connect this piano to any stereo or amp system that you use if you perform at gigs and concerts.

There is a keyboard split feature, which allows you to assign different voices to each end of the keyboard, and you can even assign two middle Cs to the keyboard so that two people can play it at one time.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano


  • Great polyphony ensures that you can enjoy great clarity with any performance.
  • The compact design of this digital piano and its light weight makes it a portable option that can also be stored easily when it is not needed.
  • Good amount of features means that this is a versatile digital piano that is suitable for most musicians.
  • Four internal speakers provide the best possible sound output so there is no need to plug this piano into a speaker or PA system unless you really want to.
  • On board two track midi recorder to allow you to record and play back your songs.
  • USB connection allows you to connect this piano to your computer so that you can use it with any sound recording program.


  • No MIDI port limits connectivity a little as you can’t add this piano to a midi controller setup.
  • No LCD screen makes this piano a little less simple to use.



The Yamaha P-105 is a great digital piano that is packed with useful features and high quality sounds to ensure that it is a useful and enjoyable instrument to play. Whether you want a piano to practice with or if you need a portable digital piano for your gigs and concerts, this model is certain to impress. The various connectivity options that come with it mean that you can record your music, or you can connect it to a sound system. Other popular digital pianos from the Yamaha brand include Yamaha P-95, Yamaha P115 and Yamaha P-35.

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