Yamaha DGX 650 Review

It’s quite a bold claim that the Yamaha DGX 650 should be described as being a portable grand piano. Although it may be more portable than a grand piano, it is a little heavy. This is a piano that is packed full of features and sounds so that you can really customize your experience and whether you’re a learner or a professional performer, you will be able to get a lot from this piano. The versatility of the instrument means that it will suit any player as they progress. To learn if the features and quality of this digital piano is exactly what you’re looking for, keep on reading this Yamaha DGX 650 review.


Key Bed And Voices

Yamaha DGX 650 ReviewYou’ll be able to use as much of the range of this keyboard as you like and thanks to the 88-key layout, it’s suitable for one or two players. If you do hope to be able to play with a second person simultaneously, then it is important to choose an instrument that has high polyphony. Polyphony determines how many notes can be played at the same time without losing any quality. This piano has 128-note polyphony, which is very good and will ensure perfect clarity with your performances.

The voices that come with this digital piano were recorded with the highly praised Pure CF Technology that was developed by Yamaha themselves. This ensures that the samples for the voices have been recorded in the best possible quality and at every spectrum of sound for that instrument. The voices are also recorded using samples from Yamaha’s finest acoustic instruments.

Great For The Learner

If you enjoy playing along with the best songs from today, then you can use the XG Song File database. This comes with this digital piano and you can use the voices that come preloaded with this piano. You can play along with your favorite songs as well as being able to download more songs to play along to from the Yamaha website.

Sound Quality

Considering the affordable price tag, the 128-note polyphony offered with the Yamaha DGX 650 offers high quality. Although there are digital pianos that have higher polyphony than 128, you will still get great clarity with this model.

Voices, Songs and Sound Effects

There are a staggering 147 pre-set voices that come with the Yamaha DGX 650, along with 15 additional drum and sound effects kits. You can also choose from the 381 G-lite voices too. If you want to play along with your favorite songs, you can choose from one of the 100 songs that come with this instrument too. You can fully customize the sound of this instrument too with the 36 reverb channels and 44 choruses. To alter the sound depending on what size room you are playing in, you can choose from 5 master equalizer settings too. There are many more great features that come with this digital piano so it is very versatile and can be used for almost any requirement.


Piano-Feel Experience

Yamaha DGX 650 pros and consYou can enjoy a near acoustic experience when you choose the Yamaha DGX 650 as it has been designed to mimic the performance of an acoustic piano. There are 88 keys in total and they have scaled graded hammer action. This means that like a real piano, the player needs to place more pressure on the lower range notes and less pressure on the higher notes. If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off at any point.

Great For The Learner

The Yamaha DGX 650 is perfect for the learner pianist. It comes bundled with the Yamaha Education Suite. This is a piece of software for your computer that offers you lessons and songs that you can play along with. This can save you money when it comes to tuition.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha DGX 650


  • 128 notes polyphony means that you can enjoy complete clarity, even when playing with a second pianist.
  • This piano has a large memory that offers you a 6-track recorder so that you can record and play back your music.
  • This is one of the best digital pianos for learning to play if you are a learner as it offers tuition.
  • There are plenty of voices so that you can choose the sound you want for your performance.
  • Plenty of additional features allow you to create the perfect sound.


  • This digital piano is a little heavy so it’s not as easy to transport as some other models.
  • There is no MIDI port, which lowers your connectivity options.



Thanks to the full screen LCD display, you can operate this digital piano with ease, and the many features, voices and effects that the Yamaha DGX 650 has to offer makes is advanced enough for concert musicians. If you have been considering purchasing an acoustic piano but you need the portability and storage that a digital piano can offer, then this model may be a great compromise for you thanks to the way that the keys are weighted and textured to make it feel like you are playing a real piano. You can also choose from many voices for this piano, including concert grand piano voices to make it sound like a real piano. All in all, as you can see in this Yamaha DGX 650 review, this digital piano would make a great buy. Other great digital pianos from this brand that are worth checking out include Yamaha P-95 and Yamaha P35.

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