Yamaha CP40 Review

Yamaha is a name that springs immediately to mind when most people think about great musical instruments. They are a manufacturer that has been around for a long while and are known for making high quality and durable musical instruments. The Yamaha CP40 is no exception. The many features, voices and songs will allow you to create some great music whilst you will also be impressed with the quality of the sound output. Whether you want to use this piano for creating rock, jazz or classical pieces, you will not be disappointed with its performance. This Yamaha CP49 review will tell you everything you need to know about this great musical instrument.


Yamaha CP40 features


This keyboard has 88 keys, which is sufficient for the concert pianist. You will like that this keyboard is reasonably lightweight so that it can be transported with ease. You will be able to take this road worthy keyboard with you to gigs if you need to and it can be easily stored away when it is not in use.

Real Feel Keys

When you are playing this keyboard, you will be impressed at how realistic it feels to play. This is a result of the graded weighted keys. It means that you will have to apply more pressure in the lower registers and less in the higher registers. The keys are also textured so that they give the feel of real wooden keys.


Yamaha CP40 ReviewThe USB port is one of the best features of this digital piano. You can plug a USB flash drive into it and it will allow you to actually record directly to the drive. This is unlike any other keyboard on the market, as you won’t need any additional devices or computers to save your music. You can then use the recordings to play back for reference at a later date or upload the tracks to a music-editing package to edit.


Although this is a great musical keyboard, it does have one major setback. The lack of built in speakers means that you will never be able to use it as a keyboard on its own. As long as you have some headphones or speakers to plug into it, this keyboard will be a great choice. It is also designed to be a studio keyboard so that you can easily record your music or use the keyboard to input sound into editing software.



The CP40 comes with plenty of great voice for you to choose from. From the Wurlitzer organ to traditional piano sounds, the rich and well-produced sounds are just what you need to play some great sounding music. This piano also has 128-note polyphony, giving you perfect and unbroken sound even when 128 notes are being played simultaneously. The layer and split modes are when this feature matters most. Splitting the keyboard allows you to play this piano with another person. Each of you will have your own half of the keyboard with your own middle C. The layering option allows you to layer multiple instruments over the top of each other to create a better sound. You can add reverb and chorus sound effects to your music as you play. There are also some great persuasion samples for you to play to. You can easily alter the 5 band equalizer settings using the manual sliders.

Inputs and Outputs

There are input ports at the back of this keyboard so that you can add controllers and foot pedals. This allows you to expand on the range of effects and sounds. The 5 pin midi ports offer connectivity for midi controllers and devices whilst a 1/8-inch stereo input gives you the ability to add a playback option. Of course, this piano offers a standard headphone port with quarter inch stereo outputs and you can use the XLR output ports to connect to a stage snake setup. All these great features make it a perspective stage piano.

You can connect to a PC using a standard USB-B port so that you can play music directly into music recording. Software applications and this is both Mac and Windows compatible. You can also use the USB-A port to connect a flash drive or similar to record directly to storage.


Whilst this digital piano may be plugged into the mains if you wish, you can also use this instrument cordlessly too. The on board power supply will endure that you can play this piano when you are not near a plug socket.



If you are looking for a top quality digital piano, this Yamaha product¬†will not fail to amaze. The lack of speakers does make it a little less favorable amongst home users, but the connectivity ports do allow the user to plug a set of headphones or a set of speakers in. Plenty of voice and song options give the user all the choice they need when they are playing whilst the advanced recording capabilities make this great for the advanced performer. As explained in this Yamaha CP40 review, this digital piano offers you some high quality and realistic sounding voices as well as plenty of user options so that you can alter the pianos playback settings and effects to create the sound that you want. Because this digital piano is so portable, it’s roadworthy and convenient and it’s no wonder that this is such a great choice amongst pianists.

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