Yamaha CP4 Review

If you want the highest quality of digital piano that is not only highly lightweight and portable, but that is also a pleasure to play, look no further than the Yamaha CP4 digital piano. This stunning stage piano offers you all the effects and features that you could possibly need and with 433 voices along with countless other impressive features, it is unlikely that you will ever get tired of playing this beautiful instrument. Read this Yamaha CP4 review to find out just how impressive this digital piano actually is.


Yamaha CP4 review

High Quality Design

This is one of the best quality instruments around. The keys are made from wood, and not the synthetic plastic that many other keyboards are made from. This makes it feel nicer to play and


With a staggering 433 voices to choose from, you will feel as though you have every instrument possible right at your fingertips. All the voices have been sampled in the highest possible quality and the grand piano is the special highlight.


Yamaha CP4 featuresThe many voices that come with this digital piano can be selected at the touch of a button and if you wish, you can layer them over one another. The layering feature is easy to activate and allows you to create an even more unique sound. Layering simply means that you can take two different voices and layer them over the top of each other.

You can also activate a keyboard split. This is especially useful for those who play with a second person. The digital piano’s keys are effectively split down the middle using this feature. You can then assign two different voices to the piano, one for each end of the keyboard.  You can also assign each half of the keys it’s own middle C so that each player can have their own 44 key piano.


Real Piano Feel

The wooden keys on this keyboard have an ivory textured finish to them giving you the feel of playing a real piano. It is luxury at its best and is well worth the higher price tag if you love instruments that feel authentic. The graded hammer action makes the higher pitched keys a little more sensitive whilst the lower pitched keys require a little more pressure, just like a real piano.

Yamaha CP4 pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Yamaha CP4 Digital Piano


  • You can enjoy 433 high quality voices including a grand piano sound along with various classic instrument sounds.
  • You can enjoy accompaniments and creating your own sounds using the touch layer and split features.
  • The high quality wooden keys and graded hammer action give you the best possible playing experience.
  • This full-sized 88 key digital piano is still light enough and compact enough to ensure great portability
  • The large backlit LCD display gives you complete ease of use and even if you are playing in a darkened room, you will be able to read the display with ease.
  • You can enjoy the best possible sound thanks to the 5-band EQ and Master Compressor that comes as a feature with this piano.
  • You can enjoy as many connectivity possibilities as possible thanks to the audio outputs, along well as MIDI and USB ports.
  • There is a FC3 foot pedal included to give a dampening effect to your playing.


  • The only thing that could be seen as a drawback about this digital piano is the price tag. Although it is still offers excellent value for money, it is priced out of a lot of people’s budget and is really better for the serious musician.
  • There are no inbuilt speakers as this piano is intended for the concert and studio market.



Whilst this digital piano does not come with the teaching capabilities as some of the other Yamaha digital pianos, you’ll notice why. It’s simply not built for the learner market. If you want a piano that is suitable for a beginner, there are many better and less advanced digital pianos, but the Yamaha CP4 is built for the more advanced performer. Its features make it more suited to a studio or concert setting and the price tag reflects the many great features that we have mentioned in this Yamaha CP4 review. If you are a beginner, it is unlikely that you will use many of the features, which would be a waste of such an advanced instrument.

You should remember that this is not a piano that has been designed for the learner market. If you want to play this instrument at home to practise with, you should get some speakers that you can plug it into. As the piano should be mainly used in a concert or studio setting where it is plugged into a sound system, there are no inbuilt speakers to make this digital piano lighter. The Yamaha brand offers lots of great digital pianos, we would also recommend checking out Yamaha P-95, Yamaha CP40 Yamaha DGX 650 by reading their reviews.

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