Roland RD-800 Review

If you’re a keen performer who’s looking for that perfect concert digital piano, you should check out the Roland RD-800. This is a piano that is sure to meet and surpass your requirements as a musician and your audience will be impressed with the sound that this piano produces too. Read on our Roland RD-800 review of this one of the best digital pianos to find out what makes this model stand out.


Roland RD-800 Review

Great For The Performer

Using the heights of modern technology, this affordable digital piano performs better than many of the other pianos from other brands in the same price bracket. Regardless of whether you’re in a band of if you play solo, with 5 acoustic piano voices and 34 variations, this digital piano will prove to be a versatile and useful instrument for your performances. 

SuperNATURAL Technology

One of the reasons why the Roland RD-800 is so great for performers is the SuperNATURAL technology that is built into the piano. Most other digital pianos come with pre-recorded sounds that offer very electronic performances, but the RD-800 has voices that are generated within the digital piano. Just as when you play an acoustic piano, the RD-800 makes the corresponding sound to the weight that the player places on each key. This results in the kind of authentic sound that you would expect to hear from an acoustic piano. In addition, the keys have a special coating on them, which makes the key bed feel like you’re playing on genuine ivory keys. This digital piano is so good that it’s like having an advanced acoustic piano that you can transport with ease.


User Friendly

Part of the beauty of the RD-800 is that despite its high quality technology, you don’t need to be technologically savvy to be able to use it. With simple user operation and a clear LCD display, you can navigate the options on this instrument without a manual. If you’re performing in a dimly lit room, you’ll also be grateful of the backlight on that LCD display, which allows you to view the setup of the piano at a glance.

Roland RD-800 features

As Good As An Acoustic

Everyone who is learning to play piano, and every performer has the dream at some point of owning their own acoustic piano. Of course, it would be nice to be able to hear the authentic sound and enjoy the experience of the key weighting. The great thing about the Roland RD-800 is that it is certainly as good as playing a genuine acoustic piano.

You will notice how the sound that is produced by this instrument sounds convincingly similar and thanks to the SuperNATURAL technology, you can achieve the same expression from this digital piano that you can experience with an acoustic. Even though the RD-800 is as good as an acoustic, there are also many great benefits to using this digital piano that you couldn’t expect from an acoustic.

  • Roland RD-800 displayPortability – For starters, you could not take an acoustic piano with you every time you had to go to a concert. It would be impractical if not completely impossible. Instead, you can take the RD-800 anywhere you need to as it only weighs 47lb and is small enough to carry.
  • Versatility – When you are looking for a new instrument, it is important to choose the one that will provide you with everything you need regardless of the scenario that you will be playing it in. The RD-800 certainly is easy to customize using the various features that come as part of the piano. There are 200 live performance programs that you can use with the piano. This allows you to easily choose the sound settings you want for your performance with the press of a button.
  • Headphones – You can easily shut out the world when you use headphones with your digital piano and you can also practice in private when you are creating a composition or just trying to polish up on your performance. You can’t do this with an acoustic piano.
  • Easy To Store – Finding room for your acoustic piano may be a bit difficult, but storing your RD-800 digital piano is easy as it can be stored on it’s end in a cupboard or in a case.

Pros and Cons of Roland RD-800 Digital Piano


  • Roland RD-800 user friendlyThe concert grand piano voice is of such high quality that if you use it for a live performance, it will sound as good as the real thing.
  • You can alter the sound of the piano with just one touch, making it customizable for all scenarios.
  • Within just seconds, you can switch from an acoustic sound to an electric sound, or choose any of the other instruments that come pre-programmed with the Roland RD-800.
    You can make adjustments with ease to any of the tonal elements of the piano from pitch to levels.
  • Live sets allow you to use pre-set modes including keyboard split points and tones. You can store up to 200 of these live sets.
  • At 47 lbs., this is a portable concert digital piano.


  • Whilst this digital piano is suitable for a concert pianist’s budget, it may be priced a little out of the market for beginners.



This advanced digital piano comes from a brand that you can trust. Roland has been making exceptional keyboards and digital pianos for years and as you can see in this Roland RD-800 review, this model will not disappoint as well. With the many features to assist you with your performance and with realistic sounding voices, you’ll be amazed at just how useful and versatile this digital piano really is. It’s also a treat to play thanks to the specially weighted keys and intelligently generated sounds. If you would like to consider other great options of digital pianos, we would recommend checking out Korg SV1 and Kawai ES100 models.

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