Roland F140 review

For anyone wanting an affordable digital piano without losing any features, the Roland F140 is a great choice. It is a great improvement on the models that have come before it and you can enjoy the many benefits that are offered by all the models of the Roland F series. Although this digital piano is priced in the region of $1000, you certainly get your money’s worth, as this is a piano that offers more technology and effects than the price tag seems to imply. In addition, the piano itself is a stunning piece of furniture to add to any home or venue and will look the part whether you are playing it or not.

This Roland F140 review takes a look at some of the best features that this piano has to offer so that you can find out just why it is such a popular choice amongst musicians.


Roland F140 Digital Piano Main Features

  • Design

    Roland F140 reviewThe Roland F140 digital piano has been designed to provide a smaller size for those with less space in their homes, but to still offer an 88 key keyboard so that you can enjoy all the benefits of having a full sized piano to practice with. The 88 keys feature weighted graded hammer action so that you feel as though you are playing an acoustic piano, but you can use the many features that are offered by the Roland F140.

    High quality speakers ensure that your music will be crystal clear whilst the user interface and the LCD display are arranged on the body of the piano to give the greatest access to all the features offered.

    Just as you’d find with most other models of furniture cabinet pianos, a bench isn’t included as standard with the Roland F140. If you would like a bench, you will need to purchase this separately when you purchase the piano.

  • Sound

    Super Natural Sound technology is a feature that is exclusive to Roland, and this is something that the manufacturer is very proud of. This technology ensures that the piano can produce the most natural and expressive sounds possible so that all performances will sound impressive. Your audience may even be fooled into thinking that they are listening to a real acoustic piano being played. By being able to implement maximum expression into your music, you will be able to add character and individuality to your performances.

    The Roland F140 uses samples from the Steinway piano, which offers great clarity and style. Although some critics are not impressed with Roland’s instrument samples, most users praise Roland for creating harmonics that are well balanced and rich.

    11 different grand piano sounds are available for you to choose from along with 305 other voices. The piano also offers high polyphony of 128 notes to produce great clarity at all times.

    You can play along to 72 different rhythms with or without accompaniment for each, which allows you to build up impressive compositions. The great sound quality along with the clear speaker output means that you will always hear the clearest versions of your performances.


  • Touch

    When you play this digital piano, you’ll notice that it has been designed to act in the same way as a genuine acoustic piano. When you play the higher notes, you’ll only need to use a little pressure whilst the lower notes need a little more force. You can also achieve different volume levels from each note depending on how softly or heavily you press each key. This gives you the feeling that you are playing a real piano, but if this is not for you, you can always turn off the feature and play the piano with fixed weighting along the scale.

  • Other Features

    There are a few different features that you can benefit from when you choose the Roland F140 digital piano. These features allow you to enhance your performances by adding character and nuances to each piece of music.

    Layering – Two different instruments can be chosen to play simultaneously when you strike a note. This produces a more unique sound to your music.

    Transpose – If you are playing with other instruments that are in a different key, or if you are accompanying a singer who needs the accompaniment to be higher or lower, you will be able to use the transpose feature to change the pitch of the piano to match the key that you need.

    Rhythm – You can choose the rhythm and accompaniment that best suits your music style. With 72 rhythms and an accompaniment feature, you will not struggle to find one that fits your music so that you can create a fuller track.



This Roland F140 review gives you some great reasons why you should choose this high-end digital piano. When you want a freestanding full sized piano, this Roland one offers natural sounding voices and impressive features so that you can have the best possible experience whilst practicing or performing.

Additional bonuses such as having a choice of color and 3 year warranty make this piano even more desirable.

You can also compare this model to Roland RD-800 which also makes a great choice from this brand.

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