Korg SV1 Review

The Korg SV1 Digital piano is a great stage piano that is designed to be used by the intermediate and concert musician. It is important to remember that the stage piano or concert piano is best suited to those settings, therefore this is not a digital piano that should be used for those who want to learn or practice their piano technique. The Korg SV1 is the perfect instrument to use if you are interested in controlling volume levels and changing musical instruments with ease. You will literally have hundreds of sounds and effects right at your fingertips. In this Korg SV1 review we will go into more detail, showing the product’s quality and performance.


A Pleasure To Play

Korg SV1 ReviewAlthough this is a slightly older model of digital piano, it has been popular since it was first released in 2009. This piano has a cool look and it has certainly been designed to make controlling it as simple as possible. It has something a futuristic book, which is great, as the technology use within it is designed to last you for a long time too.

Although at first glance this digital piano may look a little daunting, there is a reason for all of the dials and buttons. It is certainly not for the beginner or even the into media player who simply enjoys playing a few songs here and there at home. This digital piano has been designed for the more professional player who requires a more advanced instrument for a concert for studio style setting.Even though there were so many buttons and controls on this piano, the piano does not sacrifice any of its portability. Although this piano is just a little over 45 lbs. in weight, it is still portable enough to be taken from venue to venue.

Voices and Tones

When you choose this digital piano, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many great voices and sounds there are to choose from.  It comes with 36 voices that are programmed into the piano itself.  These voices are organized by grouping the sounds and then giving 6 variations for each type of instrument.  Some of the great pianos that you can choose from are the Japanese, vintage and German pianos.  You can also choose other voices including electric pianos, synth pianos along with organs and strings.

Realistic Feel

KorgSV1_04The Korg SV1’s great design doesn’t end at a few great voices and sounds.  This digital piano uses Korg’s Weighted Hammer Action key system which makes this Korg digital piano as good as models from competing brands.  This technology means that in the lower registers, you don’t need to apply as much pressure, whilst the lower keys feel like they have a little more resistance.  This realistic action is preferred by many musicians as it allows for more seamless switching from for example, learning to play or practicing on an acoustic piano and then changing to using a digital piano in the studio, at a concert or at home.

The only thing that is missing from Korg’s real feeling keyboard is the ivory style textured finish that some other keyboards have as standard.  This doesn’t really detract too much from the playing experience however.


Special Features

One thing that the Korg SV1 does have that many other digital pianos don’t have today is a vintage appearance.  Some people like the fact that this model looks like an old style organ in its appearance despite the many additional features that it has to offer.

It also comes with all the connectivity options that you could possibly want, including audio and MIDI ports, USB port, and pedal jacks.

You can use this digital piano with the foot pedals that can be purchased separately for this piano. 

Pros and Cons of Korg SV1 Digital Piano


  • This digital piano comes with some amazing sounding voices. The acoustic and electric pianos are both especially outstanding.
  • It is a pleasure to play this piano thanks to its ingenious design.
  • You can choose from the 73 notes or 88 notes versions so that you can choose something that fits your budget and your needs.
  • RX Noise is a technology used by Korg to make the voices come this digital piano sound even more realistic.


  • This digital piano lacks a number of features that come standard with many models of digital piano.
  • In order to use many of the more advanced features, you need to connect this digital piano to a computer.



This is a highly advanced studio piano. As you can see in this Korg SV1 review, it has plenty of great features and qualities that set it aside from the rest. You will have the best sounding voices, and special effects, along with a digital piano that feels as though you’re playing a real acoustic piano. Although this is not the piano for the beginner, it is perfect for the more advanced concert pianist. For all the great features that it comes with, it is priced to suit the tightest budget that a concert pianist may have.  The Korg SV1 is a pleasant surprise when it comes to choosing a high quality musical instrument. To see how this model compares to other popular digital pianos, check out reviews for Roland RD-800 and Casio CDP-130.

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