Korg B1 Review

If you’re considering adding a piano to your home, you should think about purchasing a high quality digital piano such as the Korg B1. Whether you’re looking for a great instrument to practice on, or if you want to compose some more advanced pieces, this is a digital piano that is reliable and that is packed with some great features and benefits.

This Korg B1 review will take a look at some of the many reasons why this is such a great choice for the developing musician. This is a piano that has been created from scratch instead of simply being an update of a previous model, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible technology and design.


Korg B1 Review

Korg B1 Main Features

  • Design

    This digital piano has been designed to be affordable whilst also offering the user a compact and streamlined instrument. The authentic feel of the touch of the keys ensures that you can enjoy smooth movement and this will also help you to develop your piano playing technique.

    This is a lightweight keyboard that can be transported with ease. If you want to have an instrument that can be easily stored away when you are not using it or if you would like to have the freedom to take it around with you when you are playing at concerts, rehearsing or for lessons, this is a great choice.

    This digital piano also comes with a variety of useful features including a sturdy music rest, which will allow you to see your music easily. You will be able to turn the page without fear of the music rest disconnecting from the piano body.


  • Sounds

    When you play the Korg B1 digital piano, you will be able to benefit from the high quality sampled sounds that are stored in the memory of this keyboard. The latest Korg technology, known as MFB ensures that the sounds are as clear as possible. A pair of high quality and full range speakers output the sound with plenty of volume and character. Special attention is paid to the lower frequency tones that are often not as clear as the higher pitched sounds.

    Just as you’d expect from any high quality digital piano, the Korg B1 uses multiple recordings known as sampling technology to create the high quality and clear tones that are needed to replicate the sounds of real instruments. The accuracy and authenticity of the sounds that can be played using this digital piano means that you can enjoy a far better sound than you’d have expected from older digital pianos. The tones even incorporate the same string vibrations and effects such as damper resonance that you’d hear from the authentic version of the instrument.

    You can choose from 3 different acoustic piano sounds, a further 2 electric pianos, harp and 2 different organs. These choices allow you to experiment with different sounds so that you can create just the right style that you need to for the genre of music that you are playing. If you want to return to the main and default sound, there is a PIANO PLAY button, which allows you to instantly return to the grand piano sound, which is the signature for this digital piano.

  • Natural Hammer Keyboard

    When you play this piano, you will be able to benefit from the natural hammer effect that is applied to the keyboard. This gives the feeling that you are playing a real acoustic keyboard, as the keys require less pressure in the higher register and more in the lower register. The keyboard also offers a dynamic style response to each key press so that you can control the expression of the piece.

Korg B1 Digital Piano Pros and Cons


  • Natural Hammer Keyboard action lets you enjoy a similar experience to playing a real acoustic piano.
  • High quality piano sounds.
  • Affordable and portable.


  • Although there is a good range of sounds, other models of stage piano come with a far wider choice of sounds.



The Korg B1 has been designed with plenty of great features and uses special technology to ensure that you can get the most out of your purchase. Whether you are a new musician who wants to see if the piano is for you or if you want to develop your technique and make your own compositions, this is an affordable solution.

As it is portable and lightweight, you’ll have no problem with storing this digital piano away when you are not using it. You will also be able to transport it with ease, which makes it great for any rehearsals you may wish to attend or any concerts.

As this is a more affordable piano, you should not have such high expectations as you would from a more high end piano, for example, you don’t get as many voices with this model and the polyphony is a little low, as you’ll have read in this Korg B1 review, but for the price, it offers great value and an instrument that is great for the new to intermediate player.

With a choice of black or white, you will be able to choose the color to suit your needs. Another popular model from the Korg brand is Korg SV1. You can read our review to compare them.

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