Kawai ES7 Review

Kawai is a great name when it comes to digital pianos. The manufacturer frequently receives rave reviews and their products are of high quality and are built to last. If that wasn’t enough reason for you to continue reading this Kawai E7 review, how about the many features that this digital piano has to offer? From the realistic sounding voices to the split and layer functions and being able to record and playback your music, there are bountiful features and benefits to be enjoyed with this piano.


Kawai ES7 Review


The ES7 Digital piano from Kawai is certainly a piano that you could take to gigs and performances to ensure that you not only have an instrument that will sound great but one that looks good too. This instrument has plastic buttons and keys, however, the rest of the body is made from high-quality and sturdy metal. This is finished in black and results in a great look.

As well as looking great, the metal ensures that this piano is fingerprint resistant, so you can use it over and over again without worrying about wear and tear. Another feature that is great for gigs is the backlit buttons. The buttons have red LEDs behind them, which light up when pressed. This helps you see quickly at a glance which options chose. The LCD is another feature that will help the stage pianist, as you will be able to see clearly what options are chosen on the display.

Additional Accessories

Kawai ES7 featuresDepending on where you buy your piano from, you may receive the additional accessories. Not every store offers these accessories as part of the package, however, so you may need to buy them separately.

A designer stand is available so that the keyboard can be positioned at a height that is suitable for you. There are also pedals that you can buy for the unit. They cook into the back of the keyboard and offer you additional sound effects such as soft and sustain. There is also various music stands available. Usually, this piano comes with standard Black metal music rack that is sturdy and is capable of holding your music book. For an even better look, there is a translucent option. The keyboard always comes with a single damper pedal, however. This paddle is remarkably hard-wearing, and will not slide across the floor thanks to the traction on the base. The pedal supports half pedaling.


Duet Features

There is a dual headphone port on this keyboard that is positioned in such way to enable to people to have headphones plugged in simultaneously without being in either player’s way. The keyboard has a built-in four hands mode. This gives teacher and student or two duetting pianists the ability to play side-by-side. The way that this is done is by splitting keyboard into two parts and giving each half the same note range. That makes this a brilliant keyboard for both performers and students.

Piano Feel

Kawai ES7 qualityWith high-end digital pianos such as this one, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best based on the feel of the keyboard. They all have largely similar functions and textures but Kawai offers a little extra with its responsive hammer technology. Fastest midrange keyboard that doesn’t offer wooden key action, instead it has triple sensors which can also detect the velocity of the release of the key. This ensures that the keyboard can be played similarly to a genuine piano as possible. The black and white keys on this piano’s keyboard I gently textured to give an authentic feel and thanks to the high-quality finish, the keys will not work quickly over time.


This is an 88-note keyboard and unlike some of the other digital pianos available, the ES7 uses an individual piano sound sample for each note. In order to achieve different harmonic content with different not pressure levels, Kawai uses its progressive harmonic imaging technology to be excessively multi-sample the sounds. This results in detailed and beautiful sounds. There are also 8 different variants of pianos to choose from including mellow grand and rock piano. The quality of the sound is also good that you will not notice any sound transitions or crossfade but instead, it will sound very natural.

There are plenty of other voices that you can choose from, including Wurlitzer and classic EP. There also organ sounds to give a gospel style effects or you could use strings and choirs.

The layering feature that comes with this keyboard allows you to choose multiple different Instrument voices at the same time. This can produce quite an interesting effect. Thanks to the number of voices that are available on this piano, you are able to create all kinds of different pieces of music and you will be able to find an instrument to suit your genre.


This digital piano comes with a single driver set of oval shaped stereo speakers. If you select the quieter sound for when you’re practicing, you’ll be able to hear this keyboard clearly and pleasantly. If you are playing in a smaller venue, the speakers may even be sufficient enough. Obviously, this would depend on how many other instruments are playing with you at the same time. If you were playing in a small 100-person venue for example and were playing solo, this digital piano would be able to provide enough sound from the speakers alone.



This Kawai ES7 review shows why this model is a great choice for both new and advanced pianists. The many features and voices of this Kawai instrument give you plenty of scopes to create great musical pieces and the speakers are sufficient enough for smaller venues. If you need to plug in headphones or additional speakers, then you can do so thanks to the various connectivity ports at the back of the piano.

Other popular digital pianos from the brand are Kawai CE220 and Kawai ES100.

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