Kawai ES100 Review

Kawai is a well-known brand in the music industry and they have been making high quality pianos, digital pianos and keyboards since 1927. The Kawai ES100 is an amazing digital piano that is packed with features, as well as one special feature in particular. This digital piano has 88 weighted hammer keys and at less than $1000, it is surprisingly affordable. If you have a slightly larger budget and you are looking for a piano with great sound and durability, then the Kawai ES100 may just be for you. Providing as close to a realistic acoustic piano playing experience, this model is perfect for students, intermediate players and professional musicians. Keep on reading this Kawai ES100 review to find out more.


What’s In The Box?

Kawai ES100 ReviewThe Kawai ES100 comes with everything you need to get started. You can choose from a black or white model and this particular piano has 88 weighted hammer action keys. It also comes with a damper pedal, which is in a piano style. To allow you to read your music with ease, a music rest is included and you will be able to use this piano in no time thanks to the helpful owners’ manual that is included in the box. You also get an AC power adapter so that you can power it on straight away. Other pianos do not come with power as standard.

Ease Of Use

Unlike some complicated models of digital piano, the Kawai ES100 has a minimalistic design. Instead of being laden with many confusing buttons and options, this model simply has a Function, Play/Stop button, Record and Lesson button and three buttons for switching between voices. Of course, there are also power and volume controls. This tidy look makes the piano look less daunting and can be used as it is by most players. If you would like to use any of the in-built functions, you can press the function key and the keys on the keyboard to make your selections.


Inputs And Outputs

Kawai ES100 settingsYou can attach the music rest to the top of the digital piano and you will notice that either side of the rest is the two integrated speakers. These output high quality and clear sound so you can use it for practicing or for performances. To the back of the keyboard are ports for the MIDI controller, the foot pedal and the port for the AC power. You can make use of the two headphone jacks that allow you to either use headphones with this digital piano or you can plug it straight into speakers for a PA system when you are using it for a performance.

If you would like to record your music, there is on board memory that will let you record up to 3 user songs in a 1-track style. You will not be able to record over the track, but you can play it back and play along over the top. The 1-track recorder is perhaps one of the most disappointing features about this model.

Whilst there is no option to play along to an automatic accompaniment or activate a duet mode, there are more than 100 drum rhythms. If you are a solo musician, you can make use of the layer/split mode. This allows you to use multiple voices together (layer) and also lets you split the keyboard in two so that one side of the key bed can use one voice, and the other side can use a second voice.

Student Features

The Kawai ES100 Digital piano features a library of songbooks that is based on the Alfred’s songbooks series. This is an exclusive student feature that can only be found with the Kawai instrument range. When you consider that this will help you save money on the cost of tuition, the price tag on this digital piano becomes even more reasonable.

Pros and Cons of Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

Kawai ES100 performancePros

  • User-friendly basic layout
  • High-quality 88 key bed with hammer action weighted keys
  • Layer/Split features
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Features student library for at home tuition


  • There is no USB port to plug the piano into a computerThere is no LCD display which can make this piano slightly difficult to use.


Bottom Line

With the Kawai ES-100 model of digital piano, finally this manufacturer has come up with a product that is not only of the highest quality, but that is also within more people’s price range. Although, as you can see from this Kawai ES-100 review, there are some working features such as USB connectivity and an LCD screen, it is clear that Kawai concentrated more on creating an affordable instrument that sounds incredible. This digital piano is suitable for all musicians. Whether you are just starting out and learning to play the piano, or if you are a professional concert musician, you will find this Digital piano to be more than sufficient for your requirements. Other Kawai digital pianos worth mentioning are Kawai ES7 and Kawai CE220. Compare Kawai to another popular brand, Williams, by reading reviews of its popular models such as Legato and Allegro.

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