Kawai CE220 Review

This Kawai CE220 review will show you just what makes this a great choice when it comes to digital pianos. Not only will you be buying a great musical instrument from one of the best piano manufacturers in the world, but you will also be choosing one of the most functional digital pianos money can buy.

The C220 has a great tone to it and it even feels as good as a digital piano to play. With such great sound quality and an impressive user experience, this is the next best thing to buying an acoustic or grand piano whilst being space saving and affordable.



kawai ce220 reviewLooking at the CE220, even though it is a digital piano, you will be impressed with the way that it looks. Some people think that digital pianos can’t look impressive, but if you are one of those who thinks that, then this model is likely to change your mind.

The piano itself is set into a cabinet style enclosure and it features a sliding cover to protect it when it is not in use. The frame around the piano looks like it is made from wood and it is solid and stable. There is also a pedal frame so that you can enjoy the complete piano playing experience and the music rest will ensure that you can read your music as you play.

This digital piano has a high quality black satin finish, which makes it look elegant and impressive whilst the large 88-key format of the piano gives you the best possible experience. The dimensions of the piano make it perfect for those who are learning to play the piano as it has a generous and large size. It is also positioned 35 inches off the ground making it ergonomic to play.


Although this piano is not exactly portable, it is not too large to fit into an average family home. Due to its dimensions and the fact that it weighs 126 pounds, this is not likely to be the kind of instrument that you would choose for touring with. For this reason, it is an instrument that is best suited to a more permanent environment rather than being intended for the travelling musician.

When it comes to the whole user experience, this is a great piano as it is very simplistic. As it has been designed to be easy to use, it is very appealing to customers looking for digital pianos. A basic three-LED display window is positioned at the center of the piano’s interface and the voice and tones that come pre-programmed on the piano can be changed using the buttons on the control panel. You can also control the rhythms and additional piano options using these controls.

The lettering and the pedals that come as a part of this piano are finished in gold and add to the elegant look of the piano. The pedal system itself offers three pedals so that you can apply soft, sostenuto and sustain effects like you can with a genuine acoustic piano. This means that this is one of the very few models of digital pianos that can really offer you as authentic of an experience as possible.


Voices And Tones

Kawai brings plenty of choice to the user with this digital piano. You can enjoy an array of voices and tones when you choose this model. Thanks to Kawai’s success with many other musical instruments from grand and upright pianos to synthesizers and electric pianos, the digital pianos have a great selection of alternative voices to choose from. The CE220 is no exception and carries some beautiful voices that can be played on the piano thanks to the specialist technology built into the instrument.

The technology used in this digital piano is called Progressive Harmonic Imaging and it ensures that every note is sampled from genuine grand piano recordings. The notes are layered using the harmonic imaging system and this allows the user to use varying pressures to produce a responsive sound. This results in a realistic feel. In total the CE220 offers 22 voices including strings, harps and pianos.

Cutting Edge Engineering

In order to offer the user as authentic an experience as possible, this model of piano incorporates an 88-key graded hammer system. This means that the keys are softer to press in the higher registers and require more pressure to play the keys in the lower registers. This makes the digital piano feel like it is a genuine acoustic piano with weighted wooden keys.

This high quality hammer action feel can be compared to the system in place in other models made by competing brands including Yamaha and Casio. For even better sound, this piano even offers 192 notes of polyphony. This term refers to how many notes can be held down simultaneously with the piano still producing perfect sound. As most pianos offer 48 to 128 notes of polyphony, this is almost unprecedented quality.



This digital piano really is an exquisite piece of equipment and would be perfect for the learner and the professional alike. And it is in our top 10 digital pianos list. Unfortunately, as explained in this Kawai CE220 review, it is not as portable as it would need to be for a touring musician, but it is still a great choice for many musicians.

With even more features, including transpose, tuning, virtual voicing and dual and split keyboard features (check out our top piano keyboard picks), this Kawai digital piano is a winning choice. The USB port will also allow you to connect it to a computer so that your music can be recorded for future playback.

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