Casio PX-5S Review

The Casio PX-5S is a popular 88 note digital stage piano that offers a weighted response keyboard and professional features. It offers a versatile and higher end option for the intermediate to advanced pianist so that you can make the most of your performances.

Whether you are taking your digital piano to the studio, the stage or if you’re just using it to advance your techniques at home, this is a model that is suitable for all these situations.

This Casio PX-5S review will give you some information about the various features that you can expect from this model so that you can decide whether you’ll benefit from choosing it.


Casio PX-5S Main Features

  • Design

    Casio PX-5S ReviewWhen you choose any of the models of Casio digital piano in this range that cost around $1000, you know that you can expect an instrument that is lightweight and one that will provide you with all the features and voices that you want. If you wanted a higher quality of weighted hammer action piano, you would expect to pay double the price and for the instrument to be substantially heavier.

    In order to offer you an item that is easy for you to take with you whilst still offering great quality, there have been a few features that have been sacrificed.

    The main features that you need in a piano such as the sound, user experience and the ability to program the piano have not been compromised.

    Casio PX-5S soundsThe banks of user buttons are carefully arranged around an LCD display to the center of the piano’s body. The display is backlit so that you can see it with ease.

    Where you would normally expect to find speakers, to the left of the keyboard is a group of knobs and sliders along with pitch bend and wheels. This positioning of these in-action controls give you the ability to reach out and use them as you play, giving more effects to your music.

    To the right in place of a speaker is a rubber coated surface. It is the battery case for cordless operation if you need it, but it also acts as a surface for you to place your tablet or phone on so that it won’t slide off.


  • Keyboard Feel

    Casio PX-5S featuresWhenever you buy a digital piano, one of the main things that you will want to know, especially when you are paying a little more for it, is how it feels to play. The more lifelike a digital piano feels when you are playing it, the closer you can get to experiencing that true authentic piano feeling.

    When you play the Casio PX-5S, you will notice instantly how realistic the keys feel. Textured keys give you the impression that you are playing ivory keys whilst the tri sensor hammer action keyboard gives a very similar response to that of a real piano.

  • Sounds

    An impressive 720 memory banks are available for the voices stored on this digital stage piano. What’s even better is that you can really customize this digital piano by adding up to 350 of your own choice of additional voices.

    100 stage settings are available, which gives you the ability to set up the piano far more easily, creating fewer delays when you are setting up your set at a concert or performance.

Casio PX-5S Pros and Cons


  • Tri-sensor hammer action 88 key keyboard with ivory feel keys.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • 720 tones, the ability to add user created tones and 100 stage settings
  • Compatible with the data editor for Mac and Windows so that you can edit your recordings using your computer.
  • Plenty of user programmable features including the onboard arpeggiator and phrase generator.
  • Recording options allow you to save files in wave format to save to a computer later.


  • There is no input for pedals so there is not as much scope for adding expression to your music.
  • Lack of one button operation for the split keyboard feature makes it a little more difficult to control this digital stage piano.



With so many voices and styles to choose from as well as the great user experience of actually playing this digital piano, this Casio PX-5S review shows you just why it is such a popular choice amongst players. Whether you want a great instrument to use at home or if you want to use it for more professional reasons, this model is a good choice.

Once you have finished playing your music, you can even upload it to your computer so that you can make use of the various editing features that are available to you.

When you consider the cost of this Casio digital stage piano, you’ll be surprised at the quality, as you’d usually expect a piano of this caliber to be worth around an extra $500 but instead, this is a model that comes in below the $1000 price bracket.

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