Casio Privia PX 760 Review

The Privia line of Casio digital pianos is one of the most popular from the manufacturer. The Casio Privia PX 760 is the latest model in this range and with an affordable price tag of under $800, this is a compact furniture model of digital piano that is sure to impress when it comes to both appearance and performance. Keep on reading this Casio Privia PX 760 review to learn more.


Casio Privia PX 760 Main Features

  • AIR Technology

    Casio Privia PX 760 reviewExclusive to all Privia digital pianos is the AIR processor, which stands for Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator. This gives the piano the ability to reproduce the greatest grand piano sounds for natural sounding performances. To ensure that you can create the most expressive pieces, the grand piano sound is recorded at 4 different dynamic sampling levels so that you can press the keys lightly or heavily to create the sound that you want.

    The processor ensures that the transitions between each dynamic level are as smooth as possible to give that natural piano sound. 128 note polyphony is another feature that is integrated with this digital piano. It is the highest level of polyphony that is offered by a digital piano in this price range and ensures that even the most complex of musical pieces can be played without losing any clarity in the notes. When up to 128 notes are played at the same time, for example using the sustain feature, you can be sure that all the notes will be clear.

  • Hammer Action Keys

    The 88 keys that make up the keyboard of this digital piano use hammer action sensitivity. This ensures that you can play the piano just as you would an acoustic piano to create expression as you play. In addition, the keys are textured to give the feel of a real keyboard with all the luxury that you can expect from a high-end digital piano. The technology that goes into this action is so advanced that it is possible for this digital piano to mimic the operation of a real grand piano.


  • Concert Play Mode

    If you would like to try playing along with an orchestra, the Casio Privia PX 760 allows you to choose from 10 different orchestra recordings so that you can feel as though you have the chance to perform in a grander setting. This could help you to gain confidence before you progress to actually playing with a live orchestra, or you could simply see how you fare when playing with many other instruments simultaneously.

    You will be able to play different classical pieces and it is possible to change the temp to suit your ability level. You will need to learn how to read music in order to play these classical pieces, or you could try your hand at playing by ear without any music.

  • Different Keyboard Modes

    You will be able to choose from the split, layered and duet keyboard modes with ease. The split function essentially splits the keyboard in two halves. You can then assign each of the halves to use a different instrument. Layering lets to choose multiple instruments to play alongside one another so that you can create a fuller sound. Duet mode again splits the keyboard, but this time, each side has the same range of notes so that two players can sit side by side at this piano and play a duet together. This is particularly useful for tutors and students.

  • USB Connectivity

    One of the most popular features of digital pianos these days is the USB connectivity option. It is important to many musicians that they can plug their piano into their computer so that they can save recorded pieces to either share with fellow musicians or so that they can edit or reuse the recordings at a later point. You will be able to connect the Casio Privia PX 760 to your PC or Mac with ease to transfer music files to and from the piano. There are also two memory slots on the piano itself so that you can record 2 pieces of music in MIDI format.



The Casio Privia PX 760 is one of the best furniture cabinet pianos around. Thanks to its small form factor and good looks, you can be sure that it will be a great addition for your home to enable you to practice your technique or to perfect your performances for when you take to the stage.

Many great features such as the impressive sound reproduction ensure that you can produce great quality recordings and the USB connectivity allows you to upload your recordings straight to your computer so that you can listen to your music later on. If you are composing your own pieces, this is especially useful as you can even share your recordings with other collaborators.

As you can see from this Casio Privia PX 760 review, there are some great reasons why you should choose this digital piano and as it comes from top manufacturer Casio, you can also be sure that you’ll get great quality and longevity from this instrument too.

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