Casio CTK3200 review

This 61 key digital piano is an affordable solution for those who want a great instrument that they can learn to play the piano with or to brush up on their technique. The Casio CTK3200 offers plenty of great features and benefits, including plenty of rhythms and accompaniments, digital effects, 400 preloaded voices and even tuition features to help beginners to progress.

In this Casio CTK3200 review, you’ll find plenty of excellent advantages to choosing this piano keyboard including the various connectivity options, which allow you to connect this digital piano to other devices if you wish.


Casio CTK3200 review

Casio CTK3200 Keyboard Main Features

  • Quality Sounds

    Whilst other models of Casio piano in a similar price range may have slightly less impressive voices, you can be sure that the Casio CTK3200 can deliver great sounds thanks to the on-board sound processor. Perfect for the new musician, this piano offers 48 tone polyphony, which is adequate for the needs of the beginner to intermediate musician. 48 note polyphony means that up to 48 notes can sound at the same time without losing any quality. This gives the Casio CTK3200 the ability to play racks with background accompaniment without dropping any notes.

  • Touch and Sampling

    When you play the Casio CTK3200, you will notice that the keys respond in a way that is similar to an acoustic piano. This allows you to add different pressures to each note to create all the expression you wish.

    When you play the notes on this piano, you will be able to choose effects to add to the voice, including reverb but it also offers powerful sampling, especially when you consider the price of the instrument. You can even sample sounds from devices that are not currently stored in the piano’s memory. Using an instrument or even an audio player, you will be able to record the sample easily and then use the keyboard to play back the sound. This really allows your creativity to come to life as you explore with new sounds. You can even replace the accompaniment drum patterns with your own background music.


  • Improve Your Technique

    When you use the Casio CTK3200, you’ll not only be able to take control of the piano, but you’ll also be able to tell the piano to help you improve your own technique. The music challenge that comes pre-programmed into this keyboard helps you to improve your reaction speed by showing you a series of notes that you must press on the keyboard. This can help your fingers to move more freely over the keys as you get used to their position. The auto accompaniment feature is also incorporated in this activity as the challenge follows the tempo of the accompaniment track.

    You can also try the Step Up lesson that shortens songs into manageable chunks so that you can play the piece in stages instead of tackling it all in one go. This lets you master one part of the music before you move onto the next. Breaking down a track into more manageable sections is a great technique as it lets you focus on each part of the song instead of trying to attack the entire piece in one go.

    20 different exercises are also included along with a songbook. You can enjoy songs from a range of genres so that you will be able to maintain your interest as well as being able to find something that you are actually interested in learning.

    Other learner features include a performance evaluation, voice guide, lesson selection which allows you to play right or left hand only, a metronome and a song bank of 110 pre-loaded songs.

  • Connectivity Options

    If you would like to connect your own devices to this piano, you are able to do so, using the audio in jack. Using this jack, it is possible to connect your CD player, MP3 player or other audio devices so that you can play music using the keyboard’s speakers. You could then play along to the track if you wish.



The Casio CTK3200 is a great digital piano, especially for beginners. If you are serious about taking up the piano, you will be able to learn and improve with the help of this piano.

The touch response of the Casio CTK3200 can give you a taste of how it feels to play a genuine acoustic piano, with dynamic sounds that allow you to apply different levels of pressure to the keys to produce different volumes. This lets you add all the expression you need to your music.

Additional features that you have read about in this Casio CTK3200 review, including sampling your own audio and using the layering function, allow you to add a unique sound to your music.

What’s even better is that this is a good quality digital piano that still comes in with a reasonable price tag.

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