Casio CGP-700 Review

The Casio CGP-700 is a great all-rounder if you’re looking for a digital piano that will be suitable for the whole family. This is an instrument that is suitable for many abilities so you will be able to get the youngest in your household learning to play, whilst the most advanced player could be using it to take to concerts or lessons as it’s so lightweight.

This Casio CGP-700 review will give you an insight into just why this is such a popular digital piano. Plenty of great features and qualities make it perfect for players of any ability.


Casio CGP-700 Main Features

  • The User Experience

    Casio CGP-700 ReviewWhen you play the Casio CGP-700, you will notice instantly how it has been designed to provide the ultimate user experience. Just as with any product that you may buy, trialing this digital piano will be a must so that you can get a good feel for whether or not you’ll like it before you make your purchase.

    If you do have the chance to try the Casio CGP-700 before making a purchase, you’ll notice that the piano looks like it is high quality. It’s also responsive and lightweight so that you can transport it with ease.

    The default sound is the signature grand piano sound and so that you can return to this voice with ease, there is a ‘grand piano’ button. It doesn’t matter what settings you have chosen up to the point that you press it, this button will always take you back to the default again.

  • Sounds

    This piano has so many different voices and effects that you will struggle to use them all for the duration of the time that you own the piano. With various equalizer settings and layers to choose from, you can enjoy a unique sound every time if you wish.

    With electric pianos, Wurlitzers and plenty of other instrument sounds, you will be able to customize your sound to match your music genre.

    The voices themselves sound good and most of them make convincing replicas of their original counterparts. That is important when you are performing in order to give your audience the best experience.

    There are hundreds of great voices that you can try out, and you’ll find that this is one of the best selections of voices that any Casio digital piano has had to offer to date.

    One of the most impressive voices is the saxophone. The second saxophone option gives a sound that’s so lifelike that you will have the audience looking around to find the sax player.


  • Features

    Casio CGP-700 keyboardOf course, the Casio CGP-700 comes with plenty of great features for you to use along with the voices that you choose.

    First of all, the multi track sequencer that comes with this digital piano is a great 17-track MIDI recorder. You will be able to record with it as well as adding effects and even editing the tracks.

    20 drum patterns are included along with a metronome to help you to keep in time with the piece that you’re playing.

    Duet mode allows you to play alongside another player or even a teacher. This is a great feature for the beginner or for the intermediate player who wants to play with another pianist.

    The new interactive touchscreen gives you the ability to easily control the various user settings that come with the digital piano. You will be able to accurately and quickly set the user settings, giving you the kind of experience that you’d expect from one of the more expensive digital pianos.

Casio CGP-700 Pros and Cons


  • 17-track midi recorder
  • Over 500 voices
  • MetronomeAuto accompaniment
  • Auto accompaniment
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Touchscreen control panel


  • The stand can be a little unstable if it is not standing on a solid surface. If you wish to stand it on a carpet, you may need to make some adjustments to the stand itself or use the added accessories to prevent the piano from falling over.
  • Lack of expression pedal jack means that you can’t add optional pedals, removing that aspect of the real piano experience.



When you choose the Casio CGP-700, you’ll be getting far more than just a keyboard. This is a versatile digital piano that not only looks great but also offers you plenty of voices and effects so that you can bring your music to life.

As you can see from this Casio CGP-700 review, there are plenty of great features to make a big deal about with this piano. Whether you’re looking for something that is easy to use, or if you want the more high tech functionality of the 17-track MIDI recorder, this is a digital piano that has been designed to suit most people’s needs.

At an affordable price, this Casio digital piano certainly offers great value for money, as well as being a musical instrument that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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