Casio CDP-130 Review

Casio is a brand that has faced difficulties in breaking out of the electronics market, but with the Casio CDP-130, they bring a high quality and impressive digital piano that breaks down Casio’s boundaries allowing the brand to finally break into the musical instrument market.  Whilst Casio instruments have never looked the most beautiful, they certainly do some with plenty of great features, and as you will see in this Casio CDP-130 review, this digital piano is no exception. The great thing about the Casio CDP-130 is that it not only is packed with great features and voices, but it also looks great too. If you wanted to set it up in your home, it would not look out of place.


Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Casio CDP-130 ReviewWhen you are playing the Casio CDP-130 Digital piano, you will notice that it feels like you are playing a genuine acoustic piano. This is thanks to the scaled graded hammer action Technology that is used in this Digital piano system. When you play the keys, you will notice that there is a firm resistance to the notes. The notes that correspond with the higher registers require a little pressure as they are more sensitive than the notes at the other end of the keypad. In contrast, you will need to press the little firmer on the lower register keys to make a sound. This is just like a real acoustic piano.

DesignThe Casio CDP-130 is a digital piano that looks great. It has a simple look about it that is sleek. He has a black and grey finish and although it is an 88 key piano, it does not look bulky. Despite the fact that it is so lightweight, this digital piano is packed with all kinds of great features that make it as versatile as you need it to be.

High Quality Sounds

Casio users its own technology for sounds, which is named the linear morphing system. This technology uses four different levels of original acoustic piano samples in order to produce the sound that is as close as possible to that of genuine acoustic piano. Given the various voices and versatility of this digital piano, it is no wonder that owners of this instrument claim that they prefer it to an acoustic piano.



Casio CDP-130 settingsThere are 88 keys on this keyboard, which means that you can experience as full a range as possible when you are playing. You could even play with an accompanist if you wish. When you do play with a second person, you do not need to worry about the quality or clarity of the notes.

This digital camera gives you an amazing 128 notes of polyphony, meaning that banner second person plays, they can be playing full cords along with you and you will not lose any clarity from the notes that have been played.You think the easy-to-use Control Panel, you can control the tone of this piano.

There are 16 tunes that come with this piano and they can be used by simply pressing the buttons on the digital piano. The Casio CCP-130 is not too overcrowded with buttons like some other digital planets are. Instead, you can use the keys on the keyboard to create shortcuts for options.What Additional Accessories Are Available For The CDP-130?

When you receive the Casio CDP-130, you will get just this amazing digital piano, however there are some of the accessories that you may want to consider purchasing along with it.There is a sturdy wooden stand that is available and you may receive a discount if you purchase it at the same time as you buy the piano.

Another useful accessory to have is the music stand. This will allow you to view your music whilst you’re playing the digital piano. If you would like to add even more effects to your music, it is a good idea to consider purchasing the piano pedals. You can buy one or all three of these pedals. You can achieve sustain, soft, and sostenuto effects if you choose all three pedals.

Pros and Cons of Casio CDP-130


  • The Casio CDP-130 is a lightweight digital piano weighing just 26 pounds.  You will be able to transport or store it with ease thanks to its compact design.
  • When you play this digital piano, you will realise that it feels just like a real acoustic piano.
  • There are plenty of high quality voices and sound effects that come with this digital piano making it versatile.


  • When you are using the damper pedal, if you place it on a smooth surface, you can find that it can slide around beneath your foot.



The Casio CDP-130 digital piano is a pleasant surprise. This is not only affordable, but it comes with many great features that some of the other manufacturers forget to include on their models. With high-quality voices, plenty of features, and all of the special effects that you could possibly need, this is a digital piano that will satisfy all markets. If you were a beginner, you will not be too daunted by the selection of buttons and controls on this digital piano common As many of the additional features for this piano are selected using additional keyboard shortcuts. If you are a more advanced player however, you will be able to tap into the additional features that are offered once you have familiarised yourself with the owner’s manual. You can also check out other options of highly rated digital pianos, such as Yamaha CP4 and Yamaha DGX 650.

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