Casio AP250 Celviano Review

The Casio AP250 Celviano is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an intermediate digital piano. This is a cabinet piano that has a sturdy stand and gives you the full experience of playing a real acoustic piano. Plenty of great features are included so that you can improve the sound of your performance and you can enjoy the great quality that you would expect from a manufacturer such as Casio.

This Casio AP250 Celviano review looks at some of the best features that this digital piano has to offer so that you can decide whether this is the model for you.


Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano Main Features

  • Sounds

    Casio AP250 Celviano ReviewYou can be certain that your pieces will come to life when you choose the Casio AP250 Celviano as it offers excellent sound quality. Whilst Casio has always strived to offer the best possible sounds with its products, you will be impressed with this model in particular.

    The Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator or AIR sound is a technology that is exclusive to Casio. It provides you with rich sounding voices and natural flowing notes. This sound technology makes it possible for you to add all the expression and techniques that you need in order to make your music unique. So that you’ll never lose any quality with your music, you can also enjoy the 128-note polyphony that this digital piano boasts. This is a high enough polyphony value even for the most complex of pieces, so you can be sure that even if you use the sustain pedal frequently, the Casio AP250 Celviano will never skip a note.

    With all the exceptional sound qualities that this digital piano has to offer, you’ll be able to enjoy all the quality of a far more expensive digital piano without having to spend thousands of dollars.

  • Keyboard

    When you use the Casio AP250 Celviano, you’ll notice just how luxurious it feels to play. It features an extended 88 key keyboard so that you can have full range of the notes as you play and the keys feature scaled hammer action sensors. This means that you need to apply different pressures to achieve musical expressions. Since the digital piano market first started to gain popularity, it has been a mission of almost every instrument manufacturer to come up with a realistic keyboard feel, but you’ll probably agree that with the Casio AP250 Celviano, the feel of the keyboard comes close to that of a real acoustic piano. In addition, you can change the sensitivity level of the keyboard to suit your preferences. There are 3 different levels of sensitivity for you to choose from.


  • Features For Learners

    If you are only just starting out with the piano or if there are people in your household who would like to learn to play, the Casio AP250 Celviano will be able to help to improve anyone’s piano technique. 60 preloaded songs are included in this digital piano’s memory so that you can play along with them to improve your speed and playing style.

    In addition to this, you can upload up to 10 songs of your own that you can play along to if you wish. You can alter the speed or the tempo of the songs with ease so that you can start off slow and then increase the speed, as you feel more comfortable. If you are a teacher, or if you will be having a tutor come to give you lessons, you will be able to use the duet mode that will allow you to play with another person on the same keyboard.

  • Design

    The piano itself is built into a full sized stand and it is designed to be left in the same location for most of the time. Unlike some other digital pianos available on the market, you won’t be able to pack this one up when you’re not using it or take it with you to gigs. If you’re not looking for a 120 lb. digital piano, you may want to look out for a smaller and more portable alternative instead. This digital piano is best suited to those who want a piano in their home or in a venue where it will have a permanent place to stand. Because it is designed to be stationary, it looks great and will complement your existing furniture.

Casio AP250 Celviano Pros and Cons


  • This digital piano looks great and will be a great feature in a home.
  • Luxurious feeling keyboard.
  • Comes with learner features.


  • Built into a stand and weighs 120 lb. so it is not a portable model.



This is a great quality digital piano that offers the best sounds and features for an affordable price. Whilst comparable models may be priced in the thousands of dollars, you can be sure that the Casio AP250 Celviano will come in at under $1000, making it more suitable for the budget of family homes and smaller businesses.

As you can see from this Casio AP250 Celviano review, this is a piano that has been designed to give you the ultimate piano playing experience, but you can benefit from ultra-modern features such as USB and headphone connectivity so that you can really get the most out of your performances.

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