Best Digital Stage Piano – (Reviews & Guide 2017)

Traditional pianos sound great and look the part, but when you need to make a big impression with a performance, having additional features, including the ability to amplify the sound of the piano, are an absolute must these days. Digital stage pianos are becoming popular amongst professional musicians as they have so many great features, and thanks to the digital technology, rather than being able to produce just one type of piano sound, you will be able to choose from multiple and realistic sounding piano variations. The top stage pianos feature high quality recorded sounds from the best sounding traditional pianos.

These digital stage piano reviews give you just a taste of the kinds of models that you can find today. You’ll see that they are available to suit a variety of budgets but that it is possible to purchase some of the best-rated stage pianos for an affordable price.

Our buying guide will help you consider all the features that you may need if you want to purchase a digital stage piano so that you can choose the best digital stage piano for your needs.

digital stage piano reviews
  • Nord Stage 2 HA88
  • Polyphony: 40/60 (Stereo/mono)
  • Effects: delay, 3 types of Speaker simulations, Equalizer, reverb, compressor, and others
  • Other: Piano/synth/organ technology, B3 tonewheel organ modeling, split keyboard with 3 zones, programs: 400 locations, Expanded Live Mode with 5 locations
top stage pianos
  • Casio PX560BE
  • Polyphony: 256 voices
  • Effects: reverb, Mester EQ, chorus, Parametric EQ DPS, delay, Parameter Editable DSP
  • Other: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source, 17 types of preset temperaments, color touch panel display, 650 tones, 200 rhythm patterns
best digital stage piano
  • Roland RD-300NX
  • Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Effects: reverb, EQ, chorus, and compression
  • Other: graphic LCD display, Sound Focus feature, Ivory Feel-g keyboard with Escapement, SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, selection of live sets and live set editing, 939 tones, 200 rhythm patterns
best rated stage pianos
  • Kurzweil ARTIS
  • Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Effects: reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more
  • Other: split up to 4 zones, 256 factory and 256 user programs, Powerful FX Engine
kawai mp11 professional stage piano
  • Kawai MP11
  • Polyphony: 256 voices
  • Effects: reverb, delay, EQ, 129 types (23 categories)
  • Other: Harmonic Imaging XL, 40 voices, split and zone keyboard modes, amp simulator, virtual technician, Metronome, LCD display with backlight
kawai mp6 professional stage piano
  • Kawai MP6
  • Polyphony: 192 voices
  • Effects: reverb, delay, 23 other types
  • Other: Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound source, 256 sounds, Metronome, LCD display with backlight

Top 6 Stage Pianos

Roland RD-300NX Digital Stage Piano

best digital stage pianoRoland is a company that is known for its high-quality digital instruments and the precision of their sounds. The Roland RD-300NX digital piano is an affordable model that takes all the sounds, technology and features from the flagship RD and condenses them into this more portable and simplistic model. If you have a slightly lower budget, then this may be the digital piano for you.

With simple Live Set sound selection and easy to layer tones, this piano gives you the ability to create enchanting stage performances with plenty of control.

The SuperNATURAL sound engine that comes integrated into the design of the RD-300NX offers enhanced sound performance. Better velocity response; note decay and key-range gives a more natural sound and smoother note transitions to your performances.

If you like the feel of a traditional piano, then you’ll like the way that the RD-300NX replicates this. With ivory feel keys; the keyboard itself feels authentic, whilst weighted keys give you the full piano experience. Despite giving you the feeling that you are playing a real piano, however, this model remains lightweight and portable so that you can take it with you if you perform in different venues.

When you are trying to add softer and heavier notes using a digital piano, you can often find that some of the pianissimo notes aren’t heard. In order to ensure that all the notes that you play are clear and audible, the RD-300NX uses Sound Focus technology, which prevents any notes from getting lost whilst you play. This feature is an important one as it allows you to play naturally without needing to think about any notes getting lost as you play.

Using the graphic LCD display, you will be able to use the one-touch controls to build your piano sounds with ease and to control the various features of the piano.


Nord Stage 2 HA88 Digital Stage Piano

digital stage piano reviewsThe Nord Stage 2 digital piano is one that comes in 3 different models. The HA88 model has a special feature that ensures that the keys are weighted. The state of the art hammer action weighted keys give you the feeling that you are playing a real piano, but in addition, you get all the great features that come with all 3 models of the Nord 2 digital stage piano.

To produce the best possible piano sounds, the Nord 2 HA88 offers piano, organ and synthesizer libraries. You can use these sounds separately or simultaneously if you wish. You also have the ability to choose up to 2 different sounds from each of these categories to use at the same time.

Even if you are in a high-pressure performance environment, you will not feel daunted by the user controls. To enable you to use this digital piano as easily as possible, you can benefit from the well laid out controls that have been organized into piano, organ and synth sections so that you can control the various elements of the piano separately. It is also possible to see at a glance just what programs are selected, further improving the user experience. The lack of complex menus means that you can concentrate more on your performance rather than the programs.

Another great feature that this piano has to offer is the connectivity options. You are able to easily hook up external devices and control them with the Extern section. Your midi instruments will work well with the built-in sounds and you can apply the same effects as you can to the piano including zones, splits, and layers.

As it may take a little while to set up advanced features for your external devices, you’ll be pleased to know that these settings can be saved so that you can easily recall them again in future when you want to use the same external devices. This will save time during future performances.


Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

top stage pianosFrom the moment that you look at the Casio PX560BE, you ‘ll notice that this isn’t just any digital stage piano. The striking blue finish leaves a lasting impression, and when you switch it on, you’ll find the best sound technology and simple operation. With the great features that it has to offer, the Casio PX560BE is a digital piano that really stands out from the crowd.

To allow you to see all the buttons and the currently selected programs with ease, this piano features a color touch interface. This lets you select instruments and control the various features with ease in a more enjoyable way. This will encourage you to become more creative with your performances.

Tri-sensor hammer keys give you the feeling that you are playing an authentic piano. You can enjoy the same response from the keys that you’d expect from a genuine piano, which allows you to play hard, soft and medium sounding notes for more emotive playing.

In addition, just like with a genuine piano keyboard, the higher notes require less pressure than the lower notes so if you are used to playing a genuine piano, this Casio PX560BE piano will feel familiar to play. Despite the weighted action keys, the digital piano is lightweight and easy to transport if you need to.

With any digital piano, one of the most important factors is just how realistic the piano voice actually sounds. Thanks to Casio’s unique sound processing engine, you can be sure that the Casio PX560BE will deliver accurate and natural sounding piano voices. Linear Morphing is a technology that is used in this piano to ensure that the louder and softer sounds transition well and makes your music flow more smoothly.

256 notes polyphony gives you impressive quality with your performance, allowing up to 256 notes to sound simultaneous without losing any sound quality and being able to hear every note.


Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano

best rated stage pianosThe Kurzweil Artis digital piano is a surprisingly advanced model that comes from a relatively unknown manufacturer. A new German Grand piano sound brings a new sound to your performances, whilst the lower price tag means that you can get better value for money with your purchase.

Along with the new German piano feature, you can enjoy plenty of other stunning sounds. 32 different programs come with this instrument, each offering you great tonal sounds along with realistic expressions. The weighted keys give you the chance to play this piano as you would an acoustic piano so that you can enjoy a more natural performance.

The organ sounds that come with this piano are based on the classic Hammond, Vox, and Farfisa organs. 9 realistic drawbars can be used along with all the sound controls that you could possibly need.

In addition to piano and organ sounds, you can also make use of the 256 factory programs that come build into the memory. You can choose from more traditional sounds to more modern sounds and everything in between. With Vintage electric pianos, string sections and guitars to name but a few instruments at your fingertips, you will be able to create some imaginative compositions.

For more layered and interesting sounds, you can also choose from 256 factory programed multi instruments. These allow you to get as creative as you like with zones, split, layer and even MIDI control features.

Whilst you are playing, you will be able to add effects to your performance with just the press of a button or two. Amongst the effects that you’ll be able to choose from, you’ll find reverbs, delays, flangers, amplifiers, choruses and much more.

An advanced equalizer allows you to alter the levels of the bass, treble, and midrange sounds to suit the size and echo of the venue.


Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano

kawai mp11 professional stage pianoFor years Kawai has been celebrated as being a leading brand name when it comes to powerful digital pianos. The Kawai MP11 is an impressive model that really delivers when it comes to style and performance.

There are 40 preloaded sounds that come with this digital piano. You will be able to choose from Piano, E. Piano, and Sub. For each of these three kinds of piano, you will be able to use a volume slider, on/off switch and key range button.

You can also split the keyboard to use an upper and lower limit for each of the types of piano. In addition, you will be able to choose from a concert, pop, jazz and upright for the acoustic piano. Tine, modern, E. Grand and Reed are available for the E. Piano section. For the Sub section, you can choose from Harpsichord, strings, and pad. This gives you plenty of musical selections to choose from, offering you the best possible versatility.

EFX and reverb buttons are included for every available section and with the E. Piano section, you also have the ability to choose EFX2 and amp settings too.

This digital piano allows you to easily turn the various functions on or off as required. You can also edit programs by pressing and holding the button.

At the center of the piano is an LCD display, which provides soft keys and value knobs arranged around it. You can also use a button situated near this LCD display to choose between the internal sounds and MIDI sounds. The controls can be locked if you wish so that it will not be possible to accidentally change settings whilst you are performing.

A recording section can save up to 10 songs in its memory bank, saving the files in MIDI format to be saved and played back later. You can also connect the piano to your computer to save any tracks that you record.


Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano

kawai mp6 professional stage pianoThe Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano offers you some of the best features around with great sounds. Just as you’d expect from Kawai, this is a high quality digital piano that can really deliver when it comes to performance and quality.

With brand new electric and acoustic piano sounds, there have been some great improvements on previous models. You can also benefit form the high quality sampled organ voices and drawbar positions. In addition, you could even add a vintage sound to your music by applying the rotary speaker effect.

No matter what the situation is, the Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano can offer advanced performance features including a split keyboard. The split keyboard feature that comes with this piano offers you the chance to split the keyboard into 4 separate zones. Each zone can be programmed to use a different sound or to even play a MIDI device.

A plenty of internal memory is included with this piano so that you can save up to 256 programs in the internal memory slots. It is also possible to store more programs onto a USB flash drive if you need more memory space. Storing your programs to use later will allow you to easily recall your previous settings so that you can save time when you are performing in future.

Responsive hammer action keys allow you to enjoy a realistic piano feel whilst you are playing this instrument. You can play the notes harder or softer to add the various effects that you need to. In addition, you’ll be impressed with the build quality of this digital piano as it is built to last. The strong materials and high quality parts ensure that little maintenance is required and you will not need to worry about any repairs for many years to come.


What to Look for in the Best Digital Stage Piano? – Buying Guide

A digital stage piano is a must for any concert hall or venue. If you want a high quality digital piano for your own performance use, you should ensure that you think carefully about the features that you may need.

  • Portability

    First of all, you will need to think about how portable you need the piano to be. Whilst some musicians travel from venue to venue with their instruments, there are others who play in just one venue, for example, those who play at restaurants or a cabaret bar as a resident musician.

    If you will not need to travel with your digital piano, you may want to choose an upright digital stage piano, as these really do look the part. If you need to travel, however, you should choose a piano that comes with a foldable stand so that you can store it easily and carry it whilst you are traveling.

    Remember that upright pianos take up a lot of space and they can’t be easily stored away so even if you have a stationary location for the piano to stand, you will need to leave it there. For this reason, even if you will be leaving the piano in the same venue permanently, you may still need to consider purchasing a slightly more portable solution that can be sorted away when needed.

  • Sound Quality

    You should ensure that you choose a digital piano that has realistic voices and effects. Weighted keys will allow you to play the piano as you would play an authentic piano with softer and harder notes. You should also look for the value of the polyphony. The higher the polyphony, the more sound clarity that you can expect to get from the piano.

  • Features

    When you purchase your digital piano, you will be able to take advantage of various features. The more money you are willing to spend, the more flexibility you will have with choosing the features that you need.

    • Pedals – Some digital stage pianos come with damper pedal systems. You can get 2 or 3 pedal dampers and this help add realistic effects to your music.
    • Dual and Split Keyboard – you can sometimes split the keyboard in two so that a different instrument can be assigned to each side. Alternatively, the dual mode allows the keyboard to be split so that two players can have their own section of the keyboard to play.
    • Effects – Chorus, reverb and equalizer features allow you to add effects to your music.
    • Recording – So that you can record your performances and play them back, you should look out for the pianos that offer recording capabilities and the most possible memory. Some even allow you to plug the piano into your computer so that you can save your recordings for later use.


Digital stage pianos are a must for any concert pianist. Whether you want a high quality piano at home that you can improve your technique with, or if you want a great instrument that you can use for your performances, you will find what you need when you search for digital stage piano. These digital stage piano reviews take a look at a small selection of the pianos that are available today, but even if the best digital stage piano for your needs isn’t listed in our reviews, there are plenty of others online that you can find.

The best rated digital stage pianos come from all kinds of vendors, and if you want to save a little money, you could choose a lesser-known brand name. Many of these pianos have a low price tag, but still offer the quality and features that are found with more expensive models from the better-known manufacturers.

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