Alesis Coda Pro Digital Piano Review

The portable Alesis Coda Pro digital piano is a great choice when you want an affordable instrument that you can take with you when you want to practice and you can even use it for your performances. As Alesis is not as popular a brand name as some of its competitors, this model comes with a lower price tag than you may expect, allowing you to make a decent saving whilst getting a quality product.

Considering the modern design and the ease of use, it’s easy to see why this digital piano is so popular amongst it users and you’ll find out more about the great benefits that this piano has to offer when you read this Alesis Coda Pro digital piano review.


Main Features

  • Design

    Alesis Coda Pro Digital Piano ReviewMoving on from the older designs of digital pianos, Alesis decided to improve on their more traditional design of piano. Instead, the Alesis Coda Pro digital piano features a more modern design that incorporates 2 large speakers into the main body of the piano. In addition, the layout and the controls have been drastically reorganized to make them even easier to operate.

    The body of the piano has an interesting mixture of different materials and finished so that it looks even more attractive than any model before it, making a bigger impression on your audience.

    The Alesis Coda Pro digital piano features an extended 88 key keyboard layout and has an overall larger form factor, making it more enjoyable to play, but despite this, it is still lightweight and easy to carry. The Coda Pro is 27.6 lb. in weight so you can transport it from one venue to another without difficulty. It is also easy to set up for anything you may need it for.

  • Controls

    A power switch, volume controls, LED digital display and 16 MIDI controls are included in the main user interface area, including controls fort he metronome, drum patterns, split and layer functions, transposing and duet mode. You can also use the 10 voice buttons to change the sound of the piano. To give additional features to the buttons, there is a SHIFT button that allows you to access even more features.

    It is easy to change the pitch of your music by using the pitch bend wheel, which is found on the left of the body. To the back of the piano, there is a USB and MIDI port, along with a sustain jack, AUX input and output and power jack. There are also 2 headphone ports to the front of the piano.


  • Sounds

    Whilst previous models by Alesis have featured gritty and less than adequate grand piano sounds, the Alesis Coda Pro digital piano really has made some great improvements. With better sample recordings and greater processing power, you can be sure that your pieces will sound far better and as a result, this piano is much more enjoyable to play. The tone of the grand piano sample sounds quite natural and with 64-note polyphony, you can be sure of great sound quality even with more complex pieces. You can use the sustain pedal without losing any clarity in the notes that you play. You can also use the split, layer or duet modes without sacrificing any sound quality.

    The Alesis Coda Pro comes with 20 presets that include 2 grand pianos, 3 electric pianos, 5 organ sounds and plenty of other various instrument sounds too. The split keyboard function allows you to use one half of the keyboard for one instrument and to choose a second instrument for the other half. Alternatively, you can use the layer feature, which allows you to use two instruments simultaneously. This gives you the ability to be as creative as you like with this piano.

    Although the sounds that come with this piano aren’t as professional as the ones that you may get with Yamaha or any of the other leading digital piano brands, the voices still sound good enough for performances.

  • Playability

    The 88 key piano offers you the chance to play this instrument like you would an acoustic piano with hammer action weighted keys. This feature allows you to press harder for heavier sounding notes or softer for pianissimo notes. As this piano is a little cheaper than the high end ones, you can still expect a little clicking when you press the keys, but the sound from the piano’s speakers sounds so much better than many of the other digital pianos that have a similar price tag.



The Alesis Coda Pro digital piano is a great choice for anyone who wants an affordable digital piano to help them to develop their technique, learn the piano and even create some interesting compositions. The cheaper price tag doesn’t mean less quality, but simply means that the brand name is not as well recognized as some of its competitors.

As you can see from this Alesis Coda Pro digital piano review, there are plenty of great features and voices that come with it, and the improved design of the Alesis Coda Pro means that it is easy to use and easy to transport.

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